2022 Fantasy Football Running Back Shuffle Up: Jonathan Taylor reigns supreme

Ah, the running backs. The one fantastic position that usually matters the most. Adopt this position and you will probably rule the world. Get it wrong and you’ll have four frustrating months. The dollar values ​​you’ll see below are not scientific in nature, but reflect how I view talent pools at running back. My number is on the left; the number on the right is what the player ordered in the recent Vegas Flex salary cap league, which released its draft earlier this week.

Let’s assume a PPR format of half a point when you go through this list. (“Add” means the player was added after the draft in the Vegas league; “FA” means a player who is not currently registered in this pool.)

Do you have any disagreements? Good, that’s why we have a game. I welcome your reasoned disagreement on Twitter: @scott_pianowski.

More Shuffles are on the way, with tight ends and wide receivers later this week.

The big bills

$48Jonathan Taylor ($50)

$46 Christian McCaffrey ($41)

$46Austin Ekeler ($37)

$44 Dalvin Cook ($37)

$42 Najee Harris ($39)

$39Derrick Henry ($37)

I understand McCaffrey supporters who would take him first overall. I’m on Taylor’s side because he’s younger, linked to a better team and a better quarterback, and works behind a stronger offensive line. But I certainly see the plausible case for a healthy McCaffrey dominating the position again. . . I think we’re stupid to think we can predict future injuries with great accuracy, but I think it’s also a mistake to act like they’re 100% random. I will always worry about age and career arc, volume of work and work style. That’s part of why I have Henry’s lukewarm salary, concerned about the hits he’s racked up at this point in his career and aware that when he carries the ball he’s usually tackled by the toughest defenders. heavy on the other side. I wish the Titans would make a legitimate effort to let Henry catch about 50 passes a season, which I’m confident he could do if the team just asked.

Legit Building Blocks

$36 Aaron Jones ($32)

$34 Nick Chubb ($32)

$34Joe Mixon ($29)

$31 From Andre Swift ($27)

$29 Saquon Barkley ($31)

$26 Leonard Fournette ($23)

$24 Travis Stephen Jr. ($25)

$24 Javonte Williams ($23)

$24 Ezekiel Elliott ($23)

$23Alvin Kamara ($23)

$22 Brece Hall ($21)

$21James Conner ($21)

I consider Jones a perfect second-round pick, an experienced player who is sure to have a heavy, versatile workload. And while it’s hard to trust the Packers group of receivers, I can’t imagine Aaron Rodgers lead a bad attack. AJ Dillon is also talented and will surely play a notable role, but there should be a lot of work for both full-backs. And don’t forget, when the Packers were in the playoffs and fighting for their lives, it was the healthy-again Jones who carried the charge (21 touches, 170 total yards) while Dillon did little (7- 25 rushing, one touchdown, zero catches). It’s not that I don’t like Dillon; in fact, I’ll probably go after him. But Jones is the alpha here. . . Elliott’s efficiency has dropped two straight seasons and he’s now in his seventh year, a danger zone for a running back. More disturbing is the presence of Tony Pollard, who was easily Dallas’ best guard last year. Perhaps Elliott will be saved by the stubbornness of the Dallas mastermind, which is likely to direct the job to the named player who already has the big contract. It’s a reminder of how the Cowboys so often do backward things. I can’t proactively integrate Zeke. . .

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When considering the Broncos’ backfield, it’s important to remember that Melvin Gordon not only is coming back, but he was good last year. Williams is unlikely to rule out Gordon. But if anyone here is going to blow up and have a career year, you’ll still want to bet on rising sophomore talent. The term ‘league winner’ is used cheaply in fantasy circles and I suspect the number of true league winner candidates is far lower than commonly believed, but I’m willing to put Williams on this potential list. You can’t pony like it’s a sure thing. . .

Javonte Williams #33 of the Denver Broncos is a fantasy enigma

Will Javonte Williams end up becoming the fantasy league winner many of us want him to be? (Photo by Matthew Stockman/Getty Images)

It is convenient to compare Hall to David Montgomery since they both attended Iowa State. Remember, Hall is better than Montgomery in every metric, and Montgomery certainly isn’t a bad player. The Jets seemed to correct their offensive line in the spring and Zach Wilson, like most sophomore quarterbacks, deserves a mulligan season. Hall is one of my go-ahead RB targets. . . Conner surely won’t appreciate the same touchdown deodorant as last year, and I don’t entirely trust an offense led by Kliff Kingsbury and Kyler Murray. The Cardinals were the last team to lose in the NFL last year, starting 7-0. I think they’ll probably win about seven games, in total, in 2022.

Talk to them, talk to them

$19Eli Mitchell ($20)

$17Cam Akers ($19)

$17David Montgomery ($19)

$16 JK Dobbins ($19)

$16 AJ Dillon ($18)

$14Damien Harris ($17)

$13 Josh Jacobs ($15)

$13 Antonio Gibson ($11)

$11 Single Seer ($14)

$11Chase Edmonds ($12)

$11Rashaad Penny ($12)

$10 Miles Sanders ($11)

$9 Clyde Edwards-Helaire ($9)

$8Rhamonde Stevenson ($10)

$8 Kenneth Walker III ($9)

$8Tony Pollard ($8)

Jacobs is a likely bet to lose receptions under a new coaching staff (and with new backfield competition), and Vegas’ offensive line will be one of the worst run-blocking groups in the league. I won’t go anywhere near Jacobs at my draft tables. . . Sanders somehow managed 163 touches last year and never scored a touchdown, a shrewd sleight of hand. But Jalen hurts is always there to steal a bunch of pressed production, and Kenneth Gainwell could become the third back of this team. Sanders probably won’t be the goal-line man either. So even if the touchdown column sees a correction – there’s nowhere to go but up, is there? – we could be talking about five touchdowns or less. Just like Gibson in Washington, I like the player but the situation pushes me away. . . The Chiefs have a deep running back room and it’s a testament to the fact that CEH didn’t emerge as a first-round pick. I hope my salary offer is enough to make it clear that I don’t want you to choose CEH this year; if not, take it off a few bucks. Playing for Andy Reid and with Patrick Mahomes is a wonderful tonic, but it cannot make up for an ordinary ability.

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Some plausible benefits

$7Melvin Gordon III ($5)

$5 Kareem Hunt ($9)

$5 Kenneth Gainwell ($1)

$4 Isaiah Spiller ($4)

$4 Dameon Pierce ($2)

$4 James Cook ($3)

$4 Darrell Henderson Jr. ($2)

$3 Rachaad White ($3)

$3 Alexander Mattison ($3)

$3 Cordarelle Patterson ($2)

$3 James Robinson ($2)

$3 Nyheim Hines ($2)

$2 Ronald Jones II ($3)

$2Michael Carter ($3)

$2 Tyler Allgeier ($3)

Hunt could be a double-digit comeback on a different roster, but it won’t be in Cleveland unless Chubb is injured. And I think the Browns are wise to realize that by Ernest Johnson is ready to be a No. 2 runner. I think it’s kind of pointless to wish on Hunt’s possible business partners; if Cleveland will ultimately face him, it’s likely up to a contending team that suffers a serious running back injury in August or September. . . Mattison is still a popular lottery game, but it’s hard to see him having any value without an injury to Cook. If he had standalone value, you’d probably double his bid. . . Patterson was useful as a catcher who occasionally ran the ball last year, then ordinary at best when the Falcons pushed him into a more standard rushing role. His breakout also happened very late in his career, the kind of thing you hesitate to chase. I suspect the Falcons offense would be better off with Patterson returning to a receiver or slash role, and perhaps the interesting Allgeier becoming the star guard.

Good deal

$1 Tyler Badie ($1)

$1 Khalil Herbert ($1)

$1 Tyrion Davis-Prize ($1)

$1 Gus Edwards ($1)

$1 Isiah Pacheco (Add)

$1 From Ernest Johnson (Add)

$1 JD McKissic (FA)

$0 Raheem Mostert ($1)

$0 Marlon Mack ($1)

$0 Brian Robinson Jr. ($1)

$0 White Zamir ($1)

$0 Jamal Williams ($1)

$0Mark Ingram (FA)

$0 Sony Michel (FA)

$0 Onta Foreman (FA)

$0 Trey Sermon (FA)

$0Jerick McKinnon (FA)

$0 Chris Evans (FA)

$0 Jeff Wilson Jr. (FA)

$0 Samaje Perine (FA)

$0 Boston Scott (FA)

$0 Rex Burkhead (FA)

$0 Eno Benjamin (FA)

$0Matt Breida (FA)

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