5 favorite fantasy movies

The 2022 edition of the Fantasia Film Fest has concluded and it has been an absolute blast. With so many emerging voices making their film debut, as well as the return of a legend of the genre, there was plenty to get excited about. We wanted to break down for you, what we enjoy most and what you should be looking out for when they release this fall and beyond. Click on the titles to read our reviews!

Ryan Kwanten may be freaking out as he laughs at the grimy bathroom in Glorious (2022).

Easily the highlight of the festival for me, this Lovecraftian horror flick really takes you on an interesting journey. Sure, he’s in a grimy old bathroom for most of that trip, but it’s voiced by JK Simmons, so there’s a lot of give and take. With lots of twists and turns, this provides a fun moment that really got me thinking: what exactly would I do to survive? This movie is coming to Shudder later this month (August 18th to be exact) so make sure you check it out because it’s totally worth it.

Zach Villa thinks he's going crazy in Hypochondriac (2022).

When dealing with the difficult topic of mental health and identity, this is slower. But between the astonishing performance of its leading man Zach Villa and his slowly unfolding story, I found myself absolutely riveted. Oh, and get ready for some pretty heavy Donnie Darko aesthetic because the movie is thick. XYZ movies are starting to really make a name for themselves in the genre, and with movies like this, it’s easy to see why.

Katie Parker and Rahul Kohli can't believe what just happened in Next Exit (2022).

Did you know that Danny Elfman had a daughter who is an amazing director? Because I sure as hell didn’t! This film impressed me with its originality and unique voice for such a tired subject. The afterlife is usually very boring on film, but I love how it’s portrayed here, even on a very small budget. Sure Karen Gillan and Rose McIver appear in bit parts, but it’s Katie Parker and Rahul Kohli as the co-stars that really make this movie stand out. They have an interesting back and forth and show the connection that two people can have in very dark times.

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Jena Malone can't believe her eyes in Swallowed (2022).

There’s nothing like a good body horror, and while this one isn’t overly graphic, that doesn’t mean you won’t be squirming in your seat. A Nightmare on Elm Street 2Mark Patton’s even appears as the villain and it was my favorite performance of the entire festival. He’s really quirky, which makes his dark motivation feel even more unique. Very rarely do we see a gay man as the main antagonist, but he really knocks it out of the park. While I could have gone for a little more payoff, this film will leave a lasting impression.

Rebecca Hall looks to the future in The Resurrection (2022).

Although we didn’t actually see this one at Fantasia (we did see it at Sundance earlier this year), it was one of the festival’s selections and it’s really good. Rebecca Hall is quickly finding her niche as an elevated scream queen (between this and the house of the night), Y Resurrection it’s a brilliantly off-center depiction of the ultimate toxic relationship. It’s in theaters now and will air on Shudder this fall.

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