5 reasons why you should watch Kleo on Netflix

When the Berlin Wall unexpectedly falls, imprisoned former assassin Kleo is set free and looks into why she was exposed, arrested and betrayed, and who is behind the conspiracy against her. Here are 5 reasons why you should watch kleo on Netflix.

1. The premise

It seems that at the heart of the story is a great mystery that people will want to see solved. Kleo seems willing to stop at nothing to uncover the truth behind her betrayal, and from what we see in the trailer, she’s a force to be reckoned with. We all love a good revenge story, and Kleo seems determined to take revenge and unravel the conspiracy that surrounds it. The premise also allows the viewer to deal with the twists and turns of the story at the same time as our protagonist, so we can play the game together with Kleo, trying to guess the plot and come to conclusions at the same time as her. If a show has an interesting premise, why wouldn’t you watch it?

2. The stage

This series is set in a very interesting time, in a very interesting place. The aesthetic of the late 1980s has a mix of style and substance that many people will remember or be familiar with. With nostalgia on the rise, Kleo seems keen to tap into the zeitgeist of the TV audience and present the story in a time zone people like: think of the success of Strange thingsand you’ll get an idea of ​​the perfect scenario for this to play out.

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3. Jella Haase

The lead character is played by actress Jella Haase, and if the trailers are anything to go by, this looks like a performance that could define her. Haase is shown in several different disguises, in many situations, and she looks as dangerous and menacing as she appears. However, there are also moments of humor, and Haase seems to be able to move from one scene to another with ease. Haase is seen making his own poison out of a blowfish, then blowing the powder of his concoction into an adversary’s face, like a villain straight out of Arkham Asylum, before we switch to his training in a military uniform, then transition a murderous nurse, shooting her victim through a hospital pillow, sending plumes of feathers into the air. Meanwhile, Haase looks and feels like a loose cannon, unleashing her fury as she goes, and she seems to play with conviction.

4. The Music

The previews suggest some needle drops, and I hope that scenario is reflected in the needle drops in this series. In a trailer we get a performance of Maybe Maybe Maybe playing a montage of Kleo in different settings, adding a sinister but fun tone to the scenes. The track sounds great over the visuals and evokes almost Tarantino-esque vibes. We also get some typical pop synth music at the beginning of the trailer that feels absolutely relevant to the setting, so hopefully the incidental music used reminds us of early Depeche Mode, helping to sell the period of the drama.

5. The action

Now I don’t want to spoil too much here, but there’s no doubt that there will be a number of pieces throughout this show that look like they’re going to get better. kleo on almost filmic levels. There seems to be a lot of melee choreography, with Kleo taking on all sorts of action sequences, including shootouts, car chases, and shootouts. This looks like a series for a mature audience, and it looks like they’re getting into the blood and splatter too.

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So as far as my tastes go, it looks like Kleo is going to be a blast, ticking a lot of the boxes and delivering thrills, chills, and laughs along the way. If you like killing eve, atomic blonde, Y Saltthis show could be for you and our five reasons alone should make you at least give the first episode a try.

These were 5 reasons to watch Kleo on Netflix, which you can do with a subscription. Do you have any suggestions of your own? Let us know in the comments.

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