A black bear cools off in a koi pond and becomes spooked when he discovers the fish

This summer heat will get to you.

This old boy needed to cool off on a hot Massachusetts summer day. Hard to blame a black bear, with its thick jet black fur…can you imagine wearing a black fur coat in the summer?

Naturally, when he stumbled across a pond in someone’s backyard after presumably ripping through their trash can, this black bear decided it was time to dive into the water to cool off.

When he sits on it, he can be heard panting from the heat. His heavy breathing shows that he really needed to cool off and a good glass of water.

The bear is having fun in the water and enjoying it for a few minutes until he notices the koi carp swimming in the small area around him.

When the bear notices them, one seems to bump into the bear and startle it so much that it jumps up and gets up and out of the pond.

It’s hilarious, I’m surprised he didn’t try to eat them.

The bear is still panting in the heat as it walks away. It’s difficult, the only water around has fish that scares him.

A grizzly bear charges two bow hunters


Bears might be one of the coolest and badass animals on the entire planet. And for many of the same reasons, it also makes them one of the most terrifying animals on the planet.

Big, fast, strong… if you happen to find yourself in the unfortunate position of being changed by a bear, it may be too late before you even have a chance to react. For these two bow hunters in Canada, it was almost the case.

While hunting near Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, these bow hunters came across a large sow and her two cubs at the feed barrel, but once she smelt them, she locked herself in a full load.

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“These two hunters were watching a bear and her cubs when the larger animal suddenly charged towards them. Luckily, the pair managed to scare the bear away and walked away with only minor injuries.

Luckily these guys escaped with a few minor injuries, and what I can only imagine are freshly soiled shorts.

But… they filmed everything on camera.

Grizzly Bear Makes False Charges Against Alaska Tour Group

Few animals on earth are more terrifying than grizzlies, especially a mother grizzly guarding her young. The size, speed, and power of bruins make them capable of delivering lethal blows to humans with ease.

Spring is one of the best times of year to see bears, and they are a major tourist attraction in the wild places they call home. Bears are very active in the spring, as they come out of their dens hungry and in search of food. Spring is also when mother bears have cubs in tow, so bear encounters can be particularly precarious.

As a group of tourists watched a mother bear and her cubs from a safe distance across the river, a curious young grizzly bear unexpectedly stumbled behind them from an uncomfortably close distance.

The tour guide soon realizes his bear spray can was in someone else’s coat pocket at the time, so unloading it wasn’t an option. Instead, he was forced to pull out his .44 magnum, a protective last resort that he thankfully didn’t need to use in this situation.

He also recognized that the bear was approaching out of curiosity, not animosity, which allowed him to stay calm and use his voice and physical presence to dissuade the bear from starting a fight. With over a decade of grizzly bear-sighting experience, the guide also recognized that bears’ initial charge is usually a bluff more than an attack.

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To further deter the bear from charging into the group, he advised the people behind them to raise their hands in the air as if they were a real gamer to make themselves look notoriously tall in the eyes of the bear.

When exploring bear country, it is important to understand the situation, circumstances, and bear species you are dealing with so that the appropriate response can be taken to deter an attack.

The National Park Service has an in-depth guide to dealing with bear encounters that all outdoor enthusiasts should review.

Here’s more from the guide:

“At 0:50 you hear me telling everyone to ‘get behind me and put your arms up’, that’s pretty standard procedure for this situation and the only movement left to discourage a real load, unless you fire my .44SW.

The reason I put the group behind me is that if it brings charges, I’m the only person with any hope of stopping it, which means I have to be in front, face this risk head-on with nothing nor anyone who hinders my movements.

If a bear charges with kill intent, you only get one hit to stop it before it grabs someone within that range.

The reason I didn’t shoot my .44SW is twofold. First of all, I honestly didn’t know and still don’t KNOW how this bear would have reacted. He could have run away or the shot would also have CAUSED a real charge, and secondly because if the bear grabs me, I want every bullet.

In this video I am carrying an S&W Model 29, 44 mag, with 305 Gr HSM Bear loads producing 1075 foot-pounds of energy.

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