A hero struggles with a mystery that readers can solve

Lucas Page retired from the FBI more than a decade ago after losing an eye, an arm and a leg in an explosion. But Lucas is a man of unique talents, so once again, in “Do No Harm,” the third book in Robert Pobi’s series, the office needs his help.

This time, he is again paired with Special Agent Alice Whitaker who, due to an incident that occurred on her last case, walks with a cane. Meanwhile, Page’s upstairs neighbor is a double amputee and another main character, New York City police detective Johnny Russo, has a glass eye.

The abundance of mangled body parts feels ridiculous, but Pobi takes a deadly serious tone with the plot, leaving readers unsure whether to laugh with him or at him.

The plot is set in motion when Lucas, a scholar who can identify patterns in vast collections of data, realizes that an inexplicably large number of New York City doctors have been dying. However, readers may find it strange that it took a genius to spot this.

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