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The purple heart symbol represents a number of emotions such as love, support, respect, and compassion. It is also a medal given to American soldiers who have been wounded or killed in action. romantic musical drama, purple heartsit is a mixture of all these sentiments and more.

Set in Oceanside, California, Cassie Salazar (Sofia Carson), an aspiring songwriter and singer of Spanish descent, juggles odd jobs to make ends meet, but things get even more difficult when she discovers her health insurance doesn’t cover her bills. medicines. for type 1 diabetes ever again. Former addict and Marine Luke Morrow (Nicholas Galitzine) is fighting his own battles.

On the one hand, he struggles to pay his debts, on the other, he longs to reconcile with his father. Financial challenges bring them together and they embark on what begins as a marriage with benefits, but when tragedy strikes, the couple deepens their understanding of love, life and each other.

Despite a predictable plot, purple hearts engages with captivating character arcs and empathetic portrayals of interpersonal relationships. In addition to the central theme of exploring Cassie’s love life, the film also focuses on her mother’s story, as well as Luke’s attempts to rebuild her life. Shocking scenes include a lengthy episode where Cassie and Luke meet through writing, and some dreams Cassie expresses, which later come true. In this marriage of convenience, the line becomes increasingly blurred as the characters feed off each other’s belief in love.

purple hearts, at its core, is a romance film, but director Elizabeth and her screenwriters have also taken care to touch on important contemporary issues, such as feminism, racism, immigrant lives, and consent, and they do so with finesse and sensitivity. For example, we see two flags, Pride and Black Lives Matter, waving from Cassie’s balcony. After Luke is sent to a war zone, he hangs the US flag as a sign of respect. These flags are symbols of what she believes in.

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Driven by a beautiful soundtrack, purple hearts is enlivened with vivid lighting and warm color tones. The plot, however, feels like a repeat of movies we’ve seen over the years. However, even in its predictability, purple hearts It keeps reminding us that love can be found in more than just romance. It can exist in pain, grief, respect, compassion, and even benign companionship. In a world that is dealing with negativity, there are times when our hearts only yearn for a heartwarming story, and purple hearts it’s just that

purple hearts
Director: Elizabeth Allen Rosenbaum

Cast: Nicholas Galitzine, Sofia Carson
Romantic gender
Platform: Netflix
English language
Rating: 3/5

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