A steam train passes this football stadium in Europe

In recent years, the sports world has witnessed a wide range of bizarre venues including cardboard stands, socially distanced celebrations and more. And now a steam train is the topic of conversation. One of the rarest scenarios you will see across the world is a railway line positioned between the spectator stands and the pitch of a football stadium. The video of the same is now doing the rounds on the internet and netizens are appalled.

The Cierny Hron railway line divides the field and the main stand of the Slovak minnows Tatran Cierny Balog. Occasionally a vintage steam locomotive passes and temporarily obstructs the fans’ view of the event. Does it sound too weird to be true? Well, you can see for yourself. The Creature of God Twitter account, known for spotlighting bizarre wonders around the world, shared the video of the steam train.

Although it was a common sight for viewers, social media users were shocked. One netizen wrote: ‘These fans are paying big bucks to watch a pretty average game if the football then the Brighton Belle obstructs the view of the game’s only goal… A screamer from 40 yards out’

Another shared his excitement and wrote, “It would be the only time I would go to a football game.”

Expressing how dangerous it could be, one user wrote: “‘Looks like that train running through the stadium while the kids are playing would be dangerous.’

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The railway line was built during the First World War to transport timber. According to a Daily Mail report, in 1982 the railway ceased to operate and spectators enjoyed the stadium without any interference. However, the train has been redeveloped as a tourist attraction.

There is also a similar folding umbrella market in Thailand where a train passes through the middle of the market. As soon as the train arrives, the merchants fold up their portable shops and remove them from the track.

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