Alex Atkins, John Papuchis and Adam Fuller talk about the FSU football scrimmage

FLORIDA STATE — Florida State Seminoles football took to the field for its first scrimmage of the fall on Saturday, using the night to gauge the Seminoles’ progress since the end of spring camp.

During the first week of training, a high level of intensity, physicality and depth was displayed resulting in an increase in quality and competition at all levels.

Simply throwing full pads (as the Seminoles did for the first time on Tuesday) separates significant progress from incremental scrum speed, scrum speed helps give a reference on the position of the team and begins the acclimatization process as FSU ramps up its season opener against the Duquesne Dukes on August 27.

Offensive Coordinator and Offensive Line Coach Alex Atkins, Special Teams Coordinator and Defensive Ends Coach John Papuchis and Defensive Coordinator Adam Fuller all spoke with the media after Saturday’s scrimmage, offering takeaways, reflections and insight into team performance.

Defensive Coordinator Adam Fuller

Fuller was pleased with the performance of the defense for their first scrum and mentioned the speed at which they played but also things to improve.

“I thought our defense was playing fast. We missed way too many tackles but I thought [between] the communication and the volume of things we wanted to do today, we had a lot of positives.

On linebacker Tatum Bethune

“He flashed today. his physique on these scrums definitely showed. He’s a good player. He is mature, intelligent and has a good grasp of things.

“I like it when he asks questions. He’s very straightforward to ask. You give him a word, something he can take in and he gets it.”

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“I love coaching guys like that. He’s really good for us.

Adam Fuller’s full interview can be seen below:

Offensive Coordinator Alex Atkins

On the play of newcomers to the offensive line

“It’s good to have bodies available to be able to do that. It’s good to have younger guys, that’s how you learn.

“Once you are there, the standard is the same. The standard does not change.

“Today was their measuring stick. Some of these guys have just arrived. I thought today was a great measuring stick.

Defensive wings and special teams coach John Papuchis

Live in the special teams

“I think where we are as a team was a necessary adjustment to our fall camp schedule. During the first two years, it was a question of establishing our techniques.

On the game of defensive ends

“I thought assignment-wise it was pretty clean and we played a lot of guys. We played against our nine guys.

“I felt comfortable representing a different group of guys in that first unit.”

On defensive end Dennis Briggs

“Dennis has this unique skill set with size and speed and that kind of athleticism. For us, he presents a lot of problems for opposing offenses. He’s like a defensive tackle with his size.

The full John Papuchis interview can be seen below:

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