Apple CarPlay can now do some amazing things with iOS 16

Apple iPhones with the iOS 16 update offer many great features, mainly focused on customizations and increased security. But amid all the hoopla, the Apple CarPlay updates being introduced have flown under the radar. CarPlay updates with iOS 16 aren’t as intensive as those on iPhones, but they nonetheless make living the connected life a whole lot easier on the go.

Apple has improved the maps, Siri integration, and communication features in the latest version of CarPlay. The aesthetic is also slightly renewed with new wallpapers and a modified interface for certain applications. All of these subtle tweaks come together to deliver a remarkably refreshed experience with Apple CarPlay on compatible cars and motorcycles.

Another cool feature for developers is the addition of more app categories. This will help developers create a more diverse and select set of applications to work natively with Apple CarPlay. There is more, but for the future! Apple gave us a sneak peek into the future of Apple CarPlay at WWDC22 in June 2022. Apple showed us how CarPlay can become the primary technology interface for all controls in a car.

In short, cars of the future may integrate Apple CarPlay as their only technology feature that will take care of the instrument cluster, the infotainment screen, all internal and external controls, and even sophisticated safety and connectivity features. The future is all about connected technology, and with what Apple showed off at WWDC22, we now have an idea of ​​what to expect with the tech features of Apple’s highly anticipated all-electric car.

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Many subtle visual and technological tweaks come together to make Apple CarPlay much more intuitive to use in cars and motorcycles with the iOS 16 update.

iOS 16 brings many subtle updates to Apple CarPlay

All of the new features coming to Apple CarPlay with the latest iOS update are downright subtle in nature. But that doesn’t lessen the impact it has on the overall user experience. Apple is known to take its own sweet time to introduce new features, so there are fewer instances of bugs compared to the Android ecosystem. The iOS 16 update for Apple CarPlay is more like ironing out rough patches and updating the user interface. Some features were long overdue, and others make us very excited about the future of Apple CarPlay.

Apple Maps gets a long-awaited feature

This feature is a classic case of “Android has had it for years.” However, Apple has finally added a future “Add Stop” to its maps. This is a huge relief for people who had to migrate to Google Maps just for the feature. “Add Stop” gives you the ability to set pit stops during your trips, such as motels and gas stations. Apple Maps would re-analyze and give you a more efficient route based on the location of added stops on the route. Adding or removing a stop is quite simple and requires no more than three taps.

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Siri sounds soothing and helps with faster messages

This is the most subtle update ever and if it wasn’t for Nick O’Lear’s YouTube video, we wouldn’t have even paid attention to it. He points out the slight change in the wake-up music when he calls Siri, which turns out to be a bit more relaxing than the last. Another new feature is the option to send messages automatically. This feature is natively disabled and you will need to enable it. When done, you can dictate a message through Siri and after a few seconds of waiting, the message will be sent directly to the selected contact.

Apple CarPlay interface gets a visual upgrade

Next on the “subtle” list is a slight update to the user interface. More precisely, Apple has added three new wallpapers, one of which is black and white. It’s not much of a change in visual appeal, but it’s always nice to have new wallpapers. Unfortunately, we are not yet able to use custom images as wallpapers. You are stuck with what Apple provides as stock. Opening that page from using any image as a wallpaper would have been a more exciting change.

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An exciting new feature of the app

With the latest Apple CarPlay, the Podcasts app UI gets a facelift. It now comes with a new “Library” tab, and the whole theme is synonymous with Apple Music software. We believe that Apple plans to optimize all apps that have the same use case scenario. The “Library” tab makes browsing through your list of podcasts much easier.

The future of Apple CarPlay looks exciting

In addition to the immediate new features, Apple has planned a very exciting future roadmap for CarPlay. We got to see it at WWDC22, where Apple showed off its CarPlay software being used as the central interface in a car’s dashboard. It means that everything from the instrument cluster to the car’s comfort and tech controls will be optimized through CarPlay.

This process is a long way off, as automakers have to decide and implement Apple CarPlay in their core system interface. These features will most likely start showing up in fully electric cars (provided automakers approve) and it seems to have a clear affinity with autonomous cars. We have a strong feeling that Apple’s long-awaited electric car would be the first to flaunt this technology.

Sources: Nick O’Leary Via YouTube, Apple

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