Avoid the crowds at UK attractions

The sun is out and people are flocking to major UK sights this summer. But with a little planning, you can still enjoy a hassle-free experience away from the crowds.

Whether it’s avoiding the coach tours at Stonehenge or avoiding the queues at the Tower of London, we can help you get the most out of your visit to some of the city’s most popular attractions. UK.

Are you looking for a deserted beach or an empty gallery? here are the The best crowd-free day trips in the UK – rated by you.

Stonehenge, Wiltshire

As one of the most famous prehistoric monuments in the world, it’s no wonder visitors flock to the stone circles in their thousands.

The site is known to be crowded, but spring and fall are much quieter than the summer months.

Coach tours usually arrive between 9:30am and 4pm in summer (2pm in winter), so you should time your tour to arrive before or after.

You will need to reserve your time slot 30 minutes in advance. Members of English Heritage and National Trust England can enter for free, but must always have a pre-booked slot.

Tower of London

At its peak, more than 15,000 people can visit the Tower of London in a single day. You voted it fourth favorite historic attraction in our latest survey, giving it all five stars for entertainment. Your only complaint was the crowds.

But book your ticket in advance online and you can enter through the Middle Drawbridge entrance where the queues are much shorter than the main entrance.

Visit early and head straight for the Crown Jewels, or wait until the crowds dissipate around 3pm. If you arrive late, be sure to prioritize the inner parts of the tower as they close the earliest.

An early access visit (£74) will also allow entry before everyone else in a small group of 20 people or less. In addition to avoiding the lines, you can also attend the official opening ceremony.

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Kew Gardens, London

The Royal Botanic Gardens – a Unesco World Heritage Site – was the most visited paid attraction in 2020, according to VisitBritain.

But with over 320 acres, it’s always possible to find a quiet spot away from the crowds.

Members can enjoy the gardens from 8am from May to September, which gives two hours of access before general admission at 10am.

There is also a late opening until 7 p.m. (8 p.m. on weekends) in summer with cheaper entry from 4 p.m.

Entering Kew through the quieter Lion or Brentford Gate will allow you to immediately explore some of the gardens’ more hidden corners. These include the Mediterranean garden fragrant with rosemary and lavender and the peaceful Japanese landscape, a vision of pink cherry blossoms in spring.

The nature area, the wild border where Kew meets the Thames, is also perfect for a leisurely stroll.

Eden Project, Cornwall

The former clay mine has been transformed into a beautiful overall garden and a major attraction for visitors.

Surprisingly, it’s quieter on sunny days and weekends, as those are the changeover days at campsites and holiday parks when people come and go from their holidays.

Head to lesser-known gardens such as Wild Chile in the Eden Outer Estate, with stunning views over St Austell Bay.

Biome manager Catherine Cutler also advises going to the rainforest biome first to experience the wonderful humidity and rich, earthy scent of the rainforest.

Consider visiting Eden’s cafes before or after the busy lunch period – or bring your own picnic to enjoy in the indoor seating area (in the large white stage in the center of the gardens).

Cruises on Lake Windermere, Lake District

A whopping 15.8 million visitors flock to the Lake District each year, many of whom head to Windermere.

Avoid weekends and peak hours from 12 p.m. to 4 p.m.; Friday is the quietest day.

Drive to one of the quieter piers – like Lakeside at the south end of Windermere, or Waterhead at Ambleside. You can get to the many shops, cafes, pubs and attractions by water and then take another boat to pick up the car.

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Alternatively, the Walker’s Ticket gets you through Windermere and onto a scenic four-mile walk on the quieter West Bank.

You’re treated to stunning views of the lake and lush forest before heading back on the Windermere Car Ferry.

British Museum, London

The British Museum, which exhibits two million years of human history and culture, is the third most visited free attraction in the UK.

But if you feel comfortable, an after-hours visit (£33 pp) before the doors open to the public at 10am will allow you to explore the galleries in peace.

For general admission, early weekday mornings or the hour before closing are usually the least crowded.

Late nights (most Fridays) are also a good opportunity to escape the crowds. The last time slot is 7 p.m.

Chester Zoo

After Kew Gardens, Chester Zoo is the second most popular paid attraction in the UK – with over a million visitors in 2020.

There are over 20,000 animals and 128 acres to explore, so it’s always possible to find relative peace and quiet.

Avoid school holidays and weekends, if you can, and arrive early in the morning.

For the VIP treatment, book one of the animal experiences – like Keeper for a Day (from £250 pp).

Not only will you have a unique experience, but it includes a morning tour of the zoo before the doors open to the public.

Roman baths, Bath

One of the world’s great religious spas in Roman times, the Baths were the place where people came to worship the goddess Sulis Minerva.

It is one of the top 20 paid attractions in the UK with nearly 240,000 visitors in 2020.

Evenings are the quietest at this historic site. Night also until 10 p.m. (last entry at 9 p.m.) during July and August school holidays.

The Great Bath is torchlit after hours and a pop-up bar serves wine and soft drinks.

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