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Cathedral out manned in playoff loss to Lamar

Posted 11:24 am Wednesday, October 5, 2022

MERIDIAN — A promising season for Cathedral High School’s varsity soccer team came to an end Tuesday afternoon when the Lady Green Wave lost to the Lamar School Lady Raiders 6-2 in the first round of the Miami Division II Playoffs. MORE.

Cathedral entered the playoffs on a two-game winning streak and as the South’s No. 2 seed with an overall record of 10-4. Unfortunately, Lady Green Wave was no match for a Lamar School team that won the No. 1 Central seed.

“To put it simply, we were outclassed,” Cathedral head coach Dennis Hogue said. “We had 14 girls make the trip. One of them was unable to play due to a knee injury. They probably had 30 girls on the list. For every girl on the field, they had two girls on the bench that they could fill in for. We were the exact opposite.”

And the difference in depth between the two teams was a factor in the outcome of the match. The other was how aggressive Lamar School was, especially in the first half when the Lady Raiders scored four goals and blocked Lady Green Wave for a 4-0 halftime lead.

“Our girls played well. They gave 100 percent the whole game,” Hogue said. “They were very talented. It seems that all the girls had quality touches. They had some more talented players than us and that makes a difference.”

While Lamar School scored two goals in the second half, so did Catedral. Maddie Verucchi scored both goals after halftime for Lady Green Wave. The first was on the 21St. minute and the second was in the 30the minute on a free throw after being fouled. Hogue described the shot as one of the most beautiful free throws he has ever seen.

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“It was a perfect kick. It was a loop kick. They built a wall on her, so she had to kick it. She kicked it high and it just fell under the crossbar. She was right over the goalkeeper’s outstretched hands on him. It was nice,” Hogue said.

The end result might actually have been more lopsided in favor of the Lady Raiders had it not been for the performance of Cathedral goalkeeper Mollie Foster, who finished with around a dozen saves.

“She was fantastic. The score could have been a lot worse,” Hogue said. “She was at the top of her game.”

Hogue also described the difference between the number of players the Lamar School had and those on the Cathedral roster as “the curse of the little school paying the big school.”

“The ability to keep players fresh on the field, to rest players, unlike us, is exhausting. It’s a long game,” Hogue added.

Catedral finished the season with an overall record of 10-5. Which was probably not expected after Lady Green Wave lost so many players from the 2021 team.

“We talked after the game and I told them how proud I was of them. Nobody complained. Nobody complained. At the beginning of the year, there was some concern about what kind of team we would be after losing 10 seniors from last year’s team,” Hogue said. “They really exceeded what they expected. We are losing seven seniors this year. The younger girls were like, ‘We’re going to be fine next year.’ They look forward to next year.”

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