Catholic Activists in Africa Denounce Netflix’s ‘LGBT Indoctrination’ in New Kids Movie

In the ninth episode of season 5, Yazz (a girl) reveals to Sammy (a girl) how he feels about her and they end up kissing.

Subsequently, both her friends and family support her lesbian relationship “because of how supposedly happy the two girlfriends are, as they like to call themselves,” the Catholic activists narrate.

“As you can imagine, the issue has sparked a wave of outrage around the world. If we parents cannot be calm when our children watch a series that is inappropriate for them, we are simply not going to take that risk anymore,” they say.

“The ball is in Netflix’s court,” CitizenGo members say, adding, “You have to decide whether to follow the LGBT agenda or the families’ agenda.”

Catholic activists point out that at the moment “betting on the LGBT agenda does not seem to have gone very well.”

They say the LGBT agenda has lost two-thirds of its value since October of last year. They add that the agenda “is at the same levels as before the pandemic, as if the opportunity of confinements had been lost.”

In their lawsuit against Mr. Reed Hastings, Catholic activists ask the Netflix CEO to choose between promoting family values ​​and pursuing the LGBT agenda, pointing out that the two do not go hand in hand.

“Mr. Reed Hastings, decide if you want to follow the LGBT agenda or the family agenda. They are not compatible,” they say.

agnes ainah

Agnes Aineah is a Kenyan journalist with experience in digital and journalistic reporting. She has a Master of Arts in Digital Journalism from Aga Khan University, Graduate School of Media and Communications and a BA in Linguistics, Media and Communications from Moi University in Kenya. Agnes currently works as a journalist for ICA Africa.

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