Could this change help Penn State Football ‘take the next step’?

There has been one constant that has held Penn State Football back for the past eight seasons: the offensive line.

While there are certainly a variety of factors that go into the (lack of) success up front, the one that was thrown around was the strength and conditioning program.

Technique, scheme, and pre/post communication are obviously all important to the success of any offensive line, but with those facets, one thing that seems to have held the Penn State offensive back up is just being downright physically overwhelmed. .

Oftentimes, especially against teams such as Ohio State and Michigan, the Nittany Lions have been outplayed in strength and speed. Opposing defensive linemen have just been bigger, faster and stronger than Penn State linemen.

The former head strength and conditioning coach for Penn State Football – Dwight Galt III – was among the best in the country for many years. Year after year, Penn State has seen many athletic enthusiasts turn heads and test the charts, both during off-season practices as well as combine/pro day.

However, for all the mind-blowing measurables that have come out of Happy Valley lately, none of them have come from offensive linemen. So while Galt has had an outstanding career and many fans (including myself) have the utmost respect for him, perhaps a change in the strength and conditioning program could prove beneficial for the Nittany Lions.

Dwight Galt retired last offseason, and mustachioed Chuck Losey III was promoted to replace him as head of strength and conditioning for Penn State Football.

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Along with his promotion, Losey seems to have made some adjustments that can hopefully help improve the strength and speed of the offensive line, which would really benefit the offense.

As always, it’s a “believe it when I see it” attitude when it comes to Penn State’s offensive line, but it’s nice to see the staff acknowledging the issues and trying to make changes in result.

If Chuck Losey made the Nittany Lions offensive front faster and more powerful this offseason, that offensive line could ultimately take that step forward that we’ve been waiting for.

A much-improved offensive line would certainly go a long way toward Penn State Football taking that proverbial next step as a program.

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