Did Marvel Studios Just Secretly Announce Netflix’s Defenders Reunion?

San Diego Comic-Con held a treasure trove of goodies for MCU fans. The biggest of these was undoubtedly the announcement of Avengers: The Kang Dynasty Y secret wars.

Captain America: New World Order Y Ray he also got official revelations. But one of the Phase 5 projects that shocked most people was when Marvel Studios’ Kevin Feige told the world that he’s not just Daredevil: Born Again a real thing, but its first season would contain eighteen episodes.

That’s an incredible number of installments, not to mention significantly more than any Disney+ series to date. So there must be something special about it, right?

Could Marvel be hiding one of its biggest street events in plain sight? Potentially one with a story that will bring The Defenders back together?

The return of the defenders

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For the first season of Daredevil Returns to have such a high episode count, there has to be something important about it. After all, it will be three times longer than almost every other Marvel Disney+ series.

One of the most likely story beats to be addressed is the proper gathering of the Defenders. Krysten Ritter is rumored to be returning to the MCU sooner rather than later, and Mike Colter has noted that he’s ready if the opportunity arises.

While not a proper member of the assembled team at Netflix, Jon Bernthal’s Frank Castle is another fan favorite that audiences are dying to see on screen again.

While many of Netflix’s former heroes have a real chance of returning, Finn Jones likely won’t be joining them. His solo series was not only panned by critics, but for many, his acting and character just weren’t up to par.

That’s also not to mention that he didn’t even want to rehearse for his fight scenes, which is probably why they seem like satire next to what fans got. Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings.

Iron Fist aside, what could be big enough to bring all of these heroes together in one event? Well, as one might guess, it all revolves around Vincent D’Onofrio’s Kingpin.

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The Kingpin of New York City

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It has been rumored that Echo will end with the Kingpin beginning his journey to become Mayor of New York City. That’s a big step for the character and it would be a drastic change of status quo for the MCU.

For those familiar with the comics, that situation is basically the recent event titled devil kingdom. In the story, Wilson Fisk becomes mayor of New York and proceeds to ban superheroes. He goes so far as to hire supervillains to hunt down those who don’t listen to him.

What Reckless Shown more than once, the Kingpin has a lot of power as it was, outside of any political position. As mayor, the amount of influence the villain would have could make him almost unbeatable, on the street level of course.

While it could be a bigger and more eventful season if Fisk starts as mayor, his rise to that position of power could stretch throughout the season.

The big bad also has a tendency to hire nasty guys to work with him, something that could spread if he has such a notable role.

This could be the perfect way to bring Bullseye back into the scene, which could pay off for the Season 3 setup, even though the previous show’s canon is still in question.

But when it comes to Fisk hiring antagonists for his own agenda, it’s a trend that basically comes across as second nature to the villain. Is this something the MCU has already started building towards?

remember how Hawk Eye seemed to infer that the Kingpin is pulling the strings on Julia Louis-Dreyfus’s Val, who seems to be bringing the Thunderbolts together for the big Phase 5 conclusion. controls.

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Hereinafter, Daredevil: Born Again is scheduled to arrive on Disney+ in the spring of 2024, which will lead directly to the Ray theatrical debut on July 28. It certainly seems to be a suspicious moment; However, given the launch order, it’s likely that the proper Thunderbolts team won’t be formed until after Charlie Cox’s show is over.

Although given the window of spring 2024, the eighteen-episode long series could reach its conclusion just before Ray releases, possibly even stretching out for a few weeks afterwards, offering some flexibility between the two if there are crossovers in other connections.

There’s more than just defenders

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The Defenders are far from the only heroes who could get involved. With Fisk as mayor, literally any supermarket that works in New York could be in on the action.

Obviously, the first name that will come to mind is Tom Holland’s Spider-Man. The possibility may seem only obtainable in a dream, but the MCU has achieved some iconic things, who knows what could happen.

There are also a lot of great options outside of the webhead. Kamala Khan is next door, Echo will be hot on her show, Sam Wilson was just in New York, there’s a local archer in Kate Bishop, and maybe they could get Moon Knight into town.

All of these possibilities seem too good to be true. After all, who doesn’t want to see the Defenders, Punisher, and the rest of Marvel Studios’ stray characters come together for one massive, long-running event on Disney+? It would be completely unique and a memorable experience to boot.

Daredevil: Born Again will arrive on Disney+ sometime in the spring of 2024, while Ray It will hit theaters around the world on July 28, 2024.

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