It was hard times for Electric City Football Club (ECFC) as they took a third consecutive lead at home in injury time, leveling Alliance United FC to a 2-2 draw on Wednesday night.

Alliance United player with ECFC Zak Drake (right) moments after full time. Electric City have allowed an overtime goal in three straight home games. Photo by David Tuan Bui.

Electric City’s previous two home games with extra-time goals started with a 3-3 draw against Burlington SC, allowing three unanswered second-half goals, including two shots on goal (the second in extra time) on July 13.

They lost in extra time to Simcoe County Rovers FC, allowing two goals in the 86th minute and going into extra time for a 2-1 loss on 23 July.

“It’s frustrating to concede late goals in recent games,” said ECFC head coach Randy Riberio. We can’t afford to do this, we have to be locked down, turned on for whatever is thrown at us. We know their team is down and they need to score a goal for them to throw everything they have and we need to be better at dealing with that.

Both teams traded scoring opportunities early in the first half. ECFC goalkeeper Quillan Roberts intercepted several balls thrown high in the air from free kicks and corners to keep the game scoreless.

ECFC scored the first as midfielder Mohammad Reza-Nafar scored his fourth goal of the season. He fired from outside the box, beating Alliance keeper Praveen Ahilan into the bottom left corner for the 1-0 lead in the 30th minute.

Tomas Alverez took advantage of a spot-on pass from Ethan Gopaul to make it 2-0 in the 37th minute and extend ECFC’s lead until half-time. It was Alverez’s second goal of the season, netting the last against ProStars FC on 21 May.

Alliance entered the board in the 73rd minute as Atchu Sivananthan hit a header from a touchdown pass, beating a diving Roberts, making it 2-1.

ECFC’s Adrian Gallo returned the ball and Alliance’s Kingsley Belele almost capitalized on the error with a high quality scoring chance. Roberts was able to make a diving save in the low corner to hold the 2-1 lead.

Alliance’s Samuel Gardner was shown a red card in the 84th minute which made it harder for the team to attempt a comeback.

Gopaul nearly won the game for ECFC by going into the top corner but just came off the post.

Roberts mishandled the ball on errant play from Alliance and went out of bounds for a corner. He opted to play the ball instead of letting it roll out of bounds for a corner. Riberio was unsure if Roberts had the option to allow the ball to unroll or not.

Alliance took advantage of their last chance as Nirun Sivananthan managed to get past Roberts with a contested header to level the game moments before extra time expired.

“I thought we were the better team, we never looked like we conceded a goal until the last 10 minutes of the game which was unfortunate,” Riberio explained. “We have to create chances to put the game away and if we had the next goal to make it 3-0, I think this game is out of reach.”

Decisive playoff scenario for ECFC (to earn the sixth seed):

  • ECFC must to win the remaining three matches and;

  • Alliance United FC and Guelph United lose all of their remaining matches and;

  • Hamilton United cannot win all of their remaining matches

It was Riberio’s first game after a two-game suspension for multiple yellow cards. ECFC striker Jordan Brown is eligible for the team’s next game, completing a three-game suspension following an off-field incident. The team is in ninth place with an 8-6-4 record with 28 points.

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