Everything you need to know about Billie Wesker actress Adeline Rudolph

Netflix’s new horror reboot, demonic resident, tells the story of the period leading up to the zombie apocalypse and the key players involved. Adeline Rudolph plays the adult version of Billie Wesker, the daughter of Umbrella Corp. scientist Albert Wesker. Here’s a breakdown of the actor’s career and why Rudolph might look familiar.

The actor plays Billie Wesker in Netflix’s ‘Resident Evil’

Resident Evil Netflix Cast, Adeline Rudolph, Billie Wesker
Adeline Rudolph as Billie in Netflix’s ‘Resident Evil’ | Mark Cruz/Netflix

Based on the 90’s video game from Capcom, demonic resident centers on a zombie apocalypse caused by the evil Umbrella Corporation. Unlike the six live-action films that follow Milla Jovovich’s hero Alice, the television show focuses on Albert Wesker and his two daughters, Billie and Jade.

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