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Luck (trailer) is a 2022 computer-animated film released on August 5 on the Apple TV+ streaming service. It is the first animated Skydance film, which will be followed Bewitched.

The story follows Sam, an extremely unlucky 18-year-old. After years in an orphanage and never being adopted, he moves into his first apartment. When he meets a black cat, his luck suddenly changes to good, and when he returns to his previous bad luck, he follows the cat to the magical Land of Luck, the source of all luck in our world (both good and bad). ). .

Most of the film revolves around Sam trying to get her luck back, not for herself, but to help a younger girl at the orphanage, while a series of evasiveness and accidents turn into life-threatening circumstances. Lucky Land.

It’s a good movie, with a really nice magical world, although the story has a lot of holes if you think about it too much. Furry-wise, aside from the cat, most of the characters are goblins. Here and there are some cartoony bunnies and pigs, plus a couple of other background creatures you don’t usually see anthropomorphized (goats and tubers). And a great pink six-limbed dragon, in charge of good luck. She doesn’t appear in too many scenes, but she’s definitely one of the standouts!

Curiously, this movie lacks a clear antagonist; Most conflict is situational in nature. I wouldn’t say this movie is a must, but it’s a good time passer by and I think it shows a batch of potential for what Skydance could do in the future, if they polish their writing a bit.

(Spoilers and complaints below this cut).

The Dragon

In terms of production, Skydance is a relatively recent production company that has been gaining momentum. With Luck as their first animated feature film, they tapped John Lasseter to co-produce it, formerly of Pixar. The highlight of his career was probably directing toy story in 1995 – after that…uhh… cars? And after that he became an executive producer. At least until the allegations of sexual misconduct, leaving the company and having to lay low for a while.

Writing-wise, the film tries to be very confident, with a committee feel to its overall tone. I was expecting an obvious visual placement of Apple products, but no! That was good. The plot also didn’t follow the rhythms of the story that I would have expected, it was a good surprise. Some explanations felt a bit forced, and an important plot detail was only fleetingly foreshadowed (I didn’t even notice it, had to go back and check). Someone almost goes wrong, then no. What?

Various people are credited with the concept for the film, which was then given to three people to write. Two of them, Jonathan Aibel and Glenn Berge, had written Kung Fu Panda, trollsY spongebob movie. The third writer also did LuckScreenplay by: Kiel Murray. She had been part of the story team behind Raya and the last dragonand did script work for cars. I’m glad to see more women getting jobs in the animation industry (people like Lasseter notwithstanding). Y LuckThe director of was Peggy Holmes, whose previous directing work includes a couple of direct-to-video Disney films.

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Sam meets the black cat.

The music of the film is quite normal. For the voice acting, everyone did a decent job, with accents all over the place. Sam, the main character, was played by Eva Noblezada. The cat is Simon Pegg, the dragon is Jane Fonda, and Whoopi Goldberg is the goblin in charge of security. For some reason, I found it hard to believe that the characters spoke in their own right (I kept thinking of them as voice actors speaking through the characters), until about 75% of the way there, then disbelief was suspended. Weird, not sure what caused that. Maybe I was distracted by Sam’s eyebrows, or because they all have really big eyes that don’t blink enough? Seriously, my brain is that weird. I think you’ll be fine with the character designs! Well, I’m not sure about the overweight unicorn, but at least he’s in an open-minded relationship.

The story has a lot of unfortunate implications if you think about it. The Land of Luck is divided into two halves, good luck and bad luck. We don’t spend a lot of time on the bad half, but, boy, do things go wrong, constantly. In fact, at this rate I’m amazed that the entire half of the world doesn’t spontaneously catch fire or explode. When Sam walks in, just trying to get from point A to point B, he injures about ten people.

There are conflicting elements. For one thing, luck is said to be randomly distributed, but in Sam’s case it’s definitely No random, it’s downright cruel, and no explanation is ever given or sought. (Bad luck brings more bad luck, but by that argument, a large portion of the population should be like Sam.) A pep talk during the film’s lowest point – “I was wrong to tell you not to try, because every time you do, you make things better” – is in direct opposition to everything that has happened.

In the Land of Luck, the ability seems to be irrelevant. If you’re lucky, you can do anything, unwisely, without a care in the world. Things automatically work perfectly. Everyone is very happy, but can there really be a sense of accomplishment, if you already know that everything works in your favor, like throwing a ball through a hoop? What motivates people in the unlucky half of the world to do something? Is there anyone actually in charge of producing Bad Luck (besides that guy)? We meet at least one character who is glad to be out of there.

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The black cat and the security chief goblin.

That said, this movie conveys a lot of positive messages, that bad luck can bring people together, build friendships, build strength and resilience. I’m so happy they included this! (Another indirect lesson, bring lots of tools you can improvise with, and have two of everything, so when something breaks you’ll have a backup.) Sam, too, is an exceptionally strong female character. He’s obviously endured a lot of bad luck and depression, but he continues, he picks himself up and he also has a strong sense of selflessness. Her priority is not to get more luck for herself, but for another girl in the orphanage, so that she does not have to go through the same difficulties as Sam. Good material.

Something I really liked was the visual design. You can see that the animation team was allowed to have a lot of creativity here. Much of the humor is physical and situational, with the way unexpected bad luck can manifest at almost any moment – the writers obviously had a batch of fun with this, including the force of gravity! And there are little details in the world that I noticed when looking back, like things to help smaller creatures move around. A freeze frame of one of the good luck security vehicles revealed a happy sign inside: “You’re lucky! You’ve been arrested!”

For the furry characters, many of them looked alike. The bunnies were short and cartoonish, with a comical tendency to fall over. The pigs were rotund. The goats, we didn’t get to see them much. The walking tubers were a game changer! And the female dragon had both Eastern and Western design elements. Some characters had piercings. The black cat, the second main character, had his moments, but remained surprisingly stoic for most of the movie, not physically expressing much emotion until the very end. He reminded me a bit of Jiji from Kiki’s Delivery Service. I felt more involved in the cat in the computer game. Lostwatching him walk.

Finally, in terms of humor, there were a lot of visual jokes that happened to the characters. I don’t think there’s much humor in the background. Still, a lot of the situational stuff felt pretty contrived in terms of what the main characters could accomplish without anyone noticing – it bordered on farce. If only the story writing could have been a little more cohesive, the situations a little less idiotic… I wish there had been more respect for the intelligence of the audience, instead of taking a safe committee approach. I think this studio has a lot of potential! Not a bad start, but we’ll see if they challenge themselves in the future, or if they stick to one level of storytelling from now on, like the minions franchise has been doing a great deal.

the land of luck

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