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8 August 2022


A topic of many discussions before each release, Jordan Peele’s snappy movie titles are self-explanatory upon seeing the end result. “No” is easily the most used word in the beloved director’s latest feature film, along with the term “show” which happens to be the central theme explored in this summer’s highly anticipated horror extravaganza.

Otis Junior “OJ” and Emerald “Em” Haywood are descendants of the overlooked black rider in one of the earliest motion picture sequences (The moving horse). On their ranch, the family trains horses for Hollywood productions, but Dad’s unexplained death catapults them into financial difficulties. When the brothers realize that a mysterious apparition surrounding their property may have something to do with what happened to their father, they want to take the opportunity to capitalize on the situation.

Directed by Daniel Kaluuya and Keke Palmer, who play the Haywoods, the entire cast is spectacular as they navigate the wide spectrum of style and emotion the script calls for. Steven Yeun’s version of a traumatized former child star, who gives in rather than rebels against people’s image of him, is what Academy Award nominations for Best Supporting Actor are made of.

Through an attractive and high-speed configuration, Nope primarily explores a number of film genres that have not historically seen many people of color in front of the camera, nor have they traditionally been seen through the lens of a black filmmaker (western, sci-fi, horror to some degree, even as evidence Peele’s own filmography the shift towards diversity and inclusion).

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Those who wish to dig below the surface will see a critical examination of humanity’s almost destructive need for entertainment and the exploitation that often goes hand in hand with it. However, the sociocritical elements that characterized the director’s approach in his earlier films are more subtle in Nope, either despite the increased budget and scale or (more likely) because of it.

accessible to all, Nope delivers on its promise of excitement and enjoyment for audiences across the board, and for optimal cinematic enjoyment, it’s best seen in IMAX theaters.

Selina Sonderman

Nope opens nationwide on 12the August 2022.

Watch the trailer for Nope here:

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