First sightings of the Syracuse Orange football camp

Although we are not at the Syracuse Orange football camp venue, we can still make a few observations from the clips and observations of those in attendance.

The big news from the first practice was Chris Bleich sliding to center and forming an offensive line group with Dakota Davis and Kalan Ellis at guard and Matthew Bergeron and Carlos Vettorello at tackle positions. We know Steve will be watching closely to see if this continues throughout camp, but it seems Dino Babers and Mike Schmidt aren’t afraid to shuffle players around to find the best group.

Syracuse also showed a new offensive wrinkle when working the goal line when the receiving group consisted of larger players like Isaiah Jones (more on him in a moment), Oronde Gadsen II and Devaughn Cooper. It could mean that Robert Anae wants to have bigger gaps in the red zone or it’s just mind games being played during media time. Adding bigger receivers could force defenses to widen their safeties to help on the outside, leaving their 1-on-1 linebackers against Sean Tucker in space … and we like that. You could even say we’re very #pl34sed.

If the orange offense can become more proficient at turning moves into the red zone into touchdowns, it could be the difference between preparing the bowl and preparing new personnel. Having positional depth that allows for the use of situational groupings can help Syracuse prevent defenders from predicting where the ball will go. Last year, it looked like anything inside 10 was going to be a Shrader keeper, so we’ll keep an eye on that move into Game 1.

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While reporters aren’t allowed to comment on who is participating during these open times, we have learned that Isaiah Jones was injured. Dino Babers didn’t provide any updates, but we heard Jones has impressed the new coaches, so hopefully he’ll be back on the pitch soon. Injuries have been deadly for Syracuse in recent years, so let’s hope that doesn’t continue.

It wasn’t shocking to see Carlos Del Rio-Wilson deal with second-team opportunities immediately. I don’t think Syracuse has a quarterback battle yet, but the Orange didn’t take Florida’s transfer and stick it on the 4th string. They’re going to put him against the best defense and see if he pushes for game time this fall. Dan Villari and JaCobian Morgan are going to have to make the most of their reps during camp if they want to grab that QB2 spot.

Other points of interest are on the defensive line where Jatius Geer, Chase Simmons and Dennis Jacquez Jr. appear to be pushing for time. We discussed that Steve Linton’s weight (217) was light for a defensive end, so could either of the others be pushing for a spot on the downhills with Linton playing a passer role?

Observations of observations you can now make your own observations on…it’s like observationception!

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