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Football clubs are being urged to stop making sponsorship deals with gaming companies by a nationwide fan-led campaign.

Footballers Supporters Against Gambling Adverts is a campaign group that includes the recovery of drug addicts and families bereaved by gambling-related suicide.

The group has launched more than 20 petitions.

He now hopes to secure over a million signatures and wants clubs across the country to end all existing gaming partnerships and pledge to reject future deals.

“Nowhere is the pernicious presence of the game more felt than in football, which acts as the ‘hook’ that attracts young players for the first time, preparing them for a life of addiction,” read a statement. of the group.

On July 4, the The Premier League has asked clubs to vote on whether to introduce a voluntary ban on game sponsorships on shirts ahead of potential government intervention.

Half of last season’s top flight teams had betting sponsors on their shirts.

The Premier League has backed plans for clubs to voluntarily phase out playing sponsors over three years, but any change to league rules would require 14 of the 20 clubs to vote in favor.

A government white paper outlining plans to address the industry’s problems was due to be released on July 21, but has been delayed due to Tory leadership election.

The document was already blocked in Downing Street because of senior Tories – including those in the Treasury – who oppose new regulations on business.

But MPs who have been following the white paper closely have said that although plans are ready to be published, Number 10 will not go ahead as Boris Johnson only holds the post as Acting Prime Minister.

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Almost half of Premier League clubs, including Newcastle United and West Ham, were sponsored by betting companies last season, although the Magpies are likely to secure a replacement for Fun88 after the next campaign.

Other shirt sponsors last season included SpreadEx Sport in West Ham, Hollywood Bet in Brentford and in Southampton.

Everton and Bournemouth recently signed new shirt deals with betting firms, while London club Crystal Palace ditched theirs in favor of a car dealership.

Anyone feeling emotionally distressed or suicidal can call the Samaritans for help on 116 123 or email [email protected] in the UK. In the United States, call your local Samaritans branch or 1 (800) 273-TALK

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