Football training report: August 6

Venue: Outdoor driving ranges

Format: Helmets and shorts

When the Oregon football team opened preseason training on Friday, the UO coach Dan Lanning liked what he saw initially. But as practice progressed, Lanning began to see the Ducks trailing behind.

One goal Saturday when the Ducks returned to practice was to avoid another lag. And Lanning took it upon himself to set the tone.

Oregon’s first-year coach pushed his team to keep the intensity going throughout Saturday afternoon. Equipped with a microphone to lead the exercises, Lanning pushed the tempo all day.

“What does your finish look like?” Lanning asked his team at one point. “Am I conditioned? »

As training progressed and players moved between courts for various drills, Lanning kept his foot on the gas.

“If you walk,” he repeatedly announced, “you’re wrong.”

By the end of the day, the coaching staff had seen the Ducks meet Lanning’s challenge on Friday.

Cabinet Jahlil Florence

“We are building this culture together, coaches included”, defensive coordinator Tosh Lupoi said after practice on Saturday. “I am delighted with the direction we are taking.”

Lupoi acknowledged that with new staff installing new systems and camp just getting started, “it’s kind of like the honeymoon.” That novelty feeling will continue on Sunday, when the Ducks put on shoulder pads for the first time.

Again, the coaching staff will push the players to keep pushing themselves from start to finish. And that message will be even more important as camp progresses and the honeymoon phase ends.

“First day in the pads, we’ll be really excited – and everyone will be too,” Lupoi said. “I think tenacity will come like you do every day. Can we come to meetings with the right intensity? Can we have the attention to detail that is needed? Can we mentally lock in when we need it? And then when we go out on the pitch, can we execute it with a bit of physicality and violence?

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Practice Devon Jackson

Notable: Lupoi and his defense were able to celebrate how they finished on Saturday, with a few wins in the 2-minute drill. After the attack won this exercise on Friday, the defense turned things around on Saturday, with Brian Addison and JJ Greenfield among the guys who made big plays to get them off the field. … An 11-on-11 period on Saturday featured a cool moment when the brothers Dawson Jaramillo and Bailey Jaramillo were both tackles together on the offensive line. …

Strength and Conditioning Coach Love Wilson and his staff have a different pre-practice warm-up routine than the Ducks have employed in recent years, mixing stationary stretches with the standard running-based dynamic movements. … Lanning has made his reputation as a defensive coach, but he moves in positional groups during practice. At one point on Saturday, he offered a quick tip on technique to a wide receiver.

Caleb Chapman Practice


defensive coordinator Tosh Lupoi
On the first evaluations of the defensive line

“It’s really exciting to have the individuals that we have. To be honest – and it’s always like that at this level of play – it’s hard to assess these guys without pads. … We’ll probably find out a lot more. starting tomorrow, when we get pads in. Start finding out, right off the bat, what we’re really made of.

When staff will turn their attention to game planning for the first game
“We’re focused on us right now. It’s a bit sacrilege for us. We’re so far from where we want to be. In that direction. But we’re not referring to any other team. It’s all about us. It’s about how we can improve.”

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Post-practice interview:

defensive coordinator Tosh Lupoi

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