Francesco Barilli finishes filming Il Paese del melodramma



– The director and screenwriter brings film noir to Parma’s Teatro Regio, with the music of Giuseppe Verdi

Francesco Barilli finishes filming Il Paese del melodramma

Luca Magri on the set of The country of melodrama

Filming has concluded in Parma on The country of melodramaWritten and directed by francesco barelli and produced by Avila Entertainment courtesy of Luca Magri, Antonio Amoretti Y peter cordi. The final shooting period for this new film by the Parma-born director, actor, screenwriter and painter took place at the Teatro Regio, one of the most prestigious and well-known theaters in the world. Home of the operatic tradition par excellence, Bernardo Bertolucci‘s Before the Revolution Y Dario Argento‘s Opera they were also filmed here, and the location was previously honored by Barilli in a 2015 documentary looking back on the 400-year history of the theatre.

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With shades of noir, the director narrates the adventures of Carlo Gandolfi (luca magriwith whom Barilli has previously collaborated at various points in his career: The lonely man, The house in the wind of death and the short film L’Urlo), a brilliant opera singer whose career comes to an abrupt halt after the death of his wife and daughter. From this moment on, he is a man adrift, overcome by an addiction to alcohol. The Person of Death (French actor lucas snacka symbolic face from the 1970s Italian film that Barilli previously directed in the 1977 film scary hotel) decides that the time has come for Carlo to return to the spotlight: he wants him to perform Verdi’s Macbeth, and to perfection. Otherwise, he will take Carlo with him to his kingdom.

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The cast also stars Nina Torresi, Eugenio Degiacomi Y stefano fish. Photography is entrusted to Alessio Gelsini-Torresi (mare south [+see also:
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) and editing to Nicola Tasso, who also wrote the script in collusion with Barilli. “The country of melodrama, writes the director, “is a film about opera, about Parma’s Teatro Regio, about alcohol addiction and human tragedy. Of the various characters, Death is the most interesting; he loves music and Giuseppe Verdi. Death is tired of turning men into corpses and is in love with art, because art in any of its forms never dies, while its authors do, leaving wonderful things behind forever. The men and women involved in this story are mere puppets, controlled by the greatest puppeteer of all: Death.

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(Translated from Italian)

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