Gardener: preparing the bed, part 1

Last week I wrote about changing or adding new beds as work often done in the fall. In the end, gardening is about growing plants. The success, failure, or anything in between of growing plants that thrive is largely rooted (pun intended) in the soil. I’ll spend a couple of weeks discussing soil preparation.

Like preparing surfaces for painting, soil preparation is neither the fun nor the glamorous part of gardening. But just as preparing to paint is key to a good, long-lasting paint job, preparing the ground is the key to success in the garden. If done correctly from the beginning, little will have to be done in that area for years.


Unfortunately, there is no single method or set of instructions that can be applied to all situations. The soil to start with, as well as the plants to be used, will determine what is required.

Before you think about amendments to mix into your native soil, you need to get rid of any plants that are already growing in the area. If you’re converting lawns to garden beds, the type of grass you have may dictate what you need to do.

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