Hardin Valley football gets a fresh start with coach Jeff Miner

Hardin Valley Football finished last in the region 2-6A last season and won just one game. It was the third straight losing season, and senior Luca Moro said the Hawks were starting to expect losses.

“Last year I felt like there was a losing mindset at times,” Moro said after Thursday’s encounter against Halls. “I feel like once things went wrong, once we faced adversity, we didn’t react like we should.”

Hardin Valley needed a fresh start, and new coach Jeff Miner’s biggest goal is to give the Hawks confidence in their ability to win.

“We try to teach them to expect success,” Miner said. “Often they are surprised when they succeed, and we keep telling them, you are good football players, and we have a good football team. But instead of being surprised, we have to expect it and believe that we can do these things. When they begin to understand this, they will be hard.

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