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Havas Media Group has worked to put together an international agreement with Netflix for its clients. Matt Smith, Director of Activation, explains more.

In a world where content can be streamed anytime, anywhere, the opportunities to reach parents and children have proven to be a constant challenge for toy advertisers, as ad-free giants, led by Netflix, dominate content. eyes. Netflix is ​​available in 190 countries, with 221 million subscribers and 760 million social media followers.

When the platform announced earlier this year that it would be launching an advertiser-supported model, there was naturally huge interest and appetite from brands to reach unreachable audiences that no longer tune into commercial TV.

Since the announcement, Havas Media Group has been working behind the scenes to secure an international deal with Netflix for customers and can now confirm that Netflix will launch a new, lower-priced, ad-supported subscription model for consumers on November 1, 2022. , across 12 markets, including the UK.

While this is still a mobile party, here’s what we know so far about what Netflix’s new ad-supported model will look like for advertisers and, more importantly, what this will mean for toys:

– Netflix has chosen Microsoft as its global advertising, technology and sales partner. Its data-enabled technology platform, Xandr, will offer a simple proprietary execution platform for accessing Netflix inventory.

– Children’s profiles will be ad-free and content directed at children will also be ad-free (regardless of the Netflix user profile used to view the content).

– Netflix will run four minutes of pre-roll/mid-roll advertising per hour of standard content, while movies will only have pre-roll ads before the movie.

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– There will be 30” and 15” formats available at launch.

– There will be a frequency limit of one ad per hour and three per day to ensure minimum repetition for both the viewer and the brand.

The deal is a work in progress. With new parameters coming into play in 2023, Havas is working closely with Netflix to ensure toy and game advertisers are part of the conversation.

The Havas agency continues to evolve and expand its services to clients across media, creativity, content, data and e-commerce.

For more details and to further discuss how this could work for your brand, readers can contact Matt Smith (Director of Activation – Havas Entertainment) at [email protected]

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