Investment opportunities in Kisumu that you can exploit

Investment opportunities in Kisumu that you can exploit

By Lynnet Okumu / Posted on August 8, 2022 | 1:07 p.m.


Kisumu City is the capital of Nyanza Province, Kenya, and sits on the northeast shore of Lake Victoria.

It is the commercial, industrial and transport hub of western Kenya, serving a hinterland populated by almost four million people.

Kisumu is an important link on the trade route between Lake Victoria and Mombasa due to its river and rail connections.

It is also the main terminus for agricultural products from Nyanza and Western provinces. Industries are centered on the processing of agricultural products, brewing and textile manufacturing.

Here is a list of investment opportunities you can venture into after the election.

  1. Agriculture

As more people move from rural to urban settings, more land has been freed up for agricultural production in Kisumu County.

Agriculture plays a major role in the county’s economic growth and development, contributing 47% of household income.

Crops that are doing well in the region include maize, beans, sorghum, rice, cassava, finger millet, potatoes, and sugarcane, among others.

Agriculture provides an urgent solution to the problem of unemployment in the region.

The sector which has a wide chain and links ranging from planting, production, transport, logistics, storage and value addition can provide alternative employment and absorption of more than half of young people with the best multiplier effect.

  1. Manufacturing and industrialization

Manufacturing, a key growth sector, is one of Kisumu’s economic and social prides.

The area is endowed with many manufacturing plants, shopping malls, hotels, etc., making it an investment area.

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Opportunities are available in the following areas;

  • Development of an industrial and manufacturing zone. For example, EPZs, COMESA and the East African Community
  • Agro-processing such as fruit processing
  • Light manufacturing, i.e. chemical, electrical and electronics, metal building and construction, metallurgy, pharmaceutical plants, etc.
  • Cement manufacturing
  1. Sports talent and development

Water sports have not been fully exploited in Kenya!

There is enormous potential in Lake Victoria for water sports such as diving in Cuba, sport fishing, etc.

  1. film industry

The industry is a useful tool to harness the artistic energies of creative Kenyans and can be a vehicle for our export diversification as locally produced films can be marketed in other countries.

The vast open spaces, stunning lake shores under clear blue skies, starry nights and hazy moonlight, and inviting campfires in Kisumu provide prime terrain for moviegoers from Hollywood and around the world.

  1. Tourism

The country offers scenic tourist spots such as Impala Park, Ndere Island National Park, Kit Mikai Cultural Site, etc.

Investment opportunities abound for the establishment of camping and hotel facilities, nautical tourism and tourism travel and tourism travel services.

  1. Sin

Lake Victoria’s fish stocks sustain millions of people in the region. The fisheries sector supports other supporting industries such as net making, packaging materials, boat building and repair, transportation, sports and recreation.

Commercially viable fish species include tilapia and Nile perch for local and export markets.

In addition, commercial fish farming (aquaculture) has also taken hold in the region to help alleviate the huge demand for fish, as well as dwindling fish stocks in L. Victoria.

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