Is the series streaming on Netflix? Release date, trailer and more explored

School Tales: The Series, the second Thai movie Netflix brings this year, is a horror story. The Netflix original anthology series is an eight-part film, co-directed by James Thanadol Nuansut, Tum Putipong Saisikaew, Songsak Mongkolthong, and Mike Phontharis Chotkijsadarsopon.

Of haunted libraries and Soylent Greenstylish lunchrooms, unsuspecting students and the horror that lurks in their midst, the anthology has been adopted from a popular comic book series that focuses on horror at school. Read on to know all about the upcoming Netflix feature, School Tales: The Series.

What is School Tales: The Series all about? watch the trailer here

Each high school has its own drama, which makes it scary in itself. But add to that headless demons, ghosts, and other evils, and we have School stories: the series.

Dense with horror and drama, the series follows the evils lurking in the school waiting for the right moment to strike. Will the students escape alive or surrender to the dark side?

Netflix has also released a short synopsis for the series, which is as follows:

“Eight horrific comic book stories have been adapted into an 8-episode series that will scare everyone in the schoolyard at night: a girl jumping to her death; a haunted library; canteen food made from human flesh; a ghost Headless in the school warehouse, a room infested with demons, a vengeful demon in an abandoned building, and a classroom where only dead students attend classes. Prepare to face a new kind of fear. During the day, the school belongs to the students. But at night, it’s a different story.”

Watch the trailer for School Tales: The Series here.

The official two-minute trailer, packed with scares, gore, and demons, just shows what’s next in the series. Not only are there monsters, but there seems to be a book involved, which will no doubt further complicate the story.

Starring popular Thai actors Kay Lertsittichai and Mark Siwat Jumlongkul, who may be familiar to viewers of other Netflix original features, School Tales: The Series It looks to be an up-and-coming horror anthology that is sure to intrigue fans of the horror genre.

When will the anthology air and how to watch it?

Along with the trailer and synopsis, we also have a release date for School Tales: The Series. The eight-episode anthology will premiere on August 10, 2022. Since it is a Netflix original series, it will only be available to stream exclusively on Netflix.

Since Netflix, unlike other streaming platforms, releases all the episodes together, all eight episodes of the series will hit the Netflix platform on their scheduled release date. The list of episodes is as follows:

  • what
  • vengeful spell
  • the book of corpses
  • The course
  • Lunch
  • A walk around the school
  • the headless master
  • Handsome

Don’t miss out on this latest Netflix horror coming this August.

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