Joo Won’s ‘Carter’ movie jumps into Netflix Top 10

After a successful premiere, Joo Won’s new movie “Carter” hit Netflix’s top 10 global charts. Released on August 5, the 34-year-old star did not disappoint viewers with his action-packed film about a skilled agent named Carter.

‘Carter’ dominates in 18 countries

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According to streaming data aggregation platform Flix Patrol, the action-thriller rose to second place in Netflix’s top 10 movies, making it one of the most-watched movies currently on the streaming platform.

According to the August 7 list, “Carter” is joined by Sofia Carson and Nicholas Galitzine’s romantic film “Purple Hearts,” which has topped the list since its July 29 release.

As for Joo Won’s movie, it is currently the number one movie in 18 countries, including the Bahamas, Turkey, Taiwan, Vietnam, South Korea, Singapore, the Philippines, Malaysia, and more.

Why ‘Carter’ is a must-see Netflix movie


(Photo: Netflix Korea) Joo Won | Carter

Directed and written by Jung Byung Gil of “Confession of Murder” and “The Villainess,” the Netflix film follows the story of the Carter agency, who woke up one day with no trace of his past and even his identity.

His mission is to stop the spread of a mutating virus by rescuing a scientist’s daughter.

With this, he is following the commands of the voice coming from the scar on the back of his head. Being a ticking time bomb, she had no choice but to adhere to any task assigned to her despite not knowing what was going on around her.

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Carter holds the key to humanity’s survival after the zombie virus has infected over eight million people in the US and North Korea.

In “Carter,” Joo Woon transformed into a fighting machine as he pulled off a series of action stunts and flawless combat scenes.

Interestingly, this is his return to the big screen 7 years after headlining the 2015 movie “Fatal Intuition” with Yoo Hae In and Lee Yoo Young.

Joo Won on his intense preparation for Netflix’s ‘Carter’

In March 2021, Netflix confirmed that Joo Won is cast to star in the spy-action blockbuster and play the titular role of Carter.

Thereafter, the 34-year-old star prepared for his return to the cinema by undergoing intense training and exercises.

Joo Won is back!  The actor returns with the new action-packed film 'Carter'

(Photo: Netflix Korea official)
“Carter” Still | joo won

At the press conference prior to the film’s premiere, Joo Won revealed how he prepared for the demanding scenes of “Carter.”

As obtained by a media outlet, the actor revealed that he bulked up and gained 7kg and even shaved his head while walking away from the boy next door picture.

In addition, he sported fake tattoos all over his body to represent the character.

Apart from the physical appearance, he also did four months of training and had to prepare himself by following a strict diet.

Interestingly, Joo Won also revealed what led him to accept the offer.

“When I saw the script, I thought, ‘is this possible?’ but I wanted to try it,” he said, adding, “I thought if I could do it right, it would be an iconic part of my career. So I decided to take on the challenge. I was really into this job.”

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“Carter” is one of Joo Won’s upcoming projects and will be followed by the upcoming movie “Firemen.”

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