Look Both Ways: everything we know about the Netflix film

This article breaks down everything we know about the Netflix movie Look Both Ways, including the premise, release date, cast, and trailer.

At the end of this August, you will be able to see look both waysa sincere and romantic story that plays with the ideas of parallel realities in Natalie’s life after taking a pregnancy test.

The idea of ​​a multiple verse has long been associated with comics and science fiction. DC Comics made the concept very popular as early as the 1960s in their comics, with the classic story The flash of two worlds blow the minds of comic book readers everywhere. If you think that the latest production of Marvel movies like Doctor strange in the multiverse of madness Y Spider-Man: No Way Home is breaking new ground, you have to catch up.

everything everywhere at once is a wonderful multi-reality movie that encompasses all the nonsense of the comic book sci-fi trope and places it in a more mundane setting, and perhaps look both ways you can explore similar topics.

netflix movie look both ways premise and release date

Just before graduation, Natalie discovers that her life has been divided into two separate timelines, one where she is pregnant and must adjust to life as a young mother in Texas, and one where she leaves for Los Angeles to continue her career. a race. On the way through the various situations she finds herself in, she finally comes to terms with herself.

look both ways It will premiere on Netflix on August 17, 2022.

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Our opinion on the premise

A sci-fi look at a life drama seems like a good idea at the moment and will serve as a counterpoint to the more fantastical premises that thrive in the world of superheroes. This could be a more grounded look at the road less chosen, and could be interesting and honest if done the right way.

The team behind the film.

  • The director is Wanuri Kahiu.
  • Screenplay by April Prosser.
  • Producers are Jessica Malanaphay and Eric Newman.
  • Executive producers are Reinheart and Alyssa Rodrigues.

look both ways to emit

  • Danny Ramirez.
  • David Corenswet.
  • Luke Wilson.
  • Nia Long.
  • Wild Andrea.
  • Aisha Dae.
  • TaylorMurphy.

Is there a trailer for Look Both Ways?

Sure there is! Here it is.

And here are some curiosities.

It seems that the production was originally titled More less and was recorded between Austin, Texas and Los Angeles between June and August 2022, with the completion on August 8.

look both ways could surprise viewers by taking a sci-fi concept and layering it on a drama that explores how the choices we make in our lives can lead us down very different paths. I envision a mix of comedy and drama with some more introspective scenes that many of us can relate to. Let us know your thoughts when the movie is released.

You can watch this movie with a Netflix subscription.

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