Malacca’s tourism industry shows signs of recovery: Sulaiman

MALACCA: Malacca’s tourism industry is showing signs of recovery and positive development, capable of attracting investors and providing job opportunities for local residents, said Malacca Chief Minister Datuk Seri Sulaiman Md Ali.

He said that, therefore, intensive efforts to promote tourism activities in the state as a major destination for local and international tourists are in line with the wishes of the state government to make Melaka a tourism state capable of drawing part of the world contained in the Melakaku. Maju Jaya 2035 Strategic Plan (PSMJ 2035).

He said ‘RIUH NAU!’ in collaboration between the Ministry of Communications and Multimedia (K-KOMM) and the state government is one of the initiatives that give creative industry players in Malacca the opportunity to showcase cultural identity, the customs and traditions of the state.

“Indeed, the citizens of Malacca are very excited about the ‘RIUH NAU!’ program which lasted three days, in a place of tourist attraction which I think is very appropriate in conjunction with the National Month to present all the arts, culture and the creative world of which the State of Malacca is proud.

“It is also in line with the wishes of the state government to see more of its cultural heritage showcased not only for the outside world but also for our own people who still have no clue,” said he declared.

He said it during the launch of the 3rd edition of the RIUH Keluarga Malaysia: RIUH NAU! at Dataran Pahlawan here yesterday.

Sulaiman said various interesting programs have been planned throughout the three-day carnival, which aims to give visitors the opportunity to see local creative products first-hand, enjoy various food and drink sales, cultural performances, visual art exhibitions and to attend creative workshops organized throughout the program.

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He said Malacca is rich with various cultural heritages which have great aesthetic value, especially from the perspective of musical arts such as “Dondang Sayang”, “Joget”, “Nazam”, “Zapin” and “Rebana Keras”. which should be kept accordingly.

“The culture brought by this heritage art is in fact the core of a country’s identity and strength. Not only that, but our culture is also concerned with manners that are highly valued by all communities.

“Therefore, we need a new generation determined to strengthen the mores, customs and culture that can build a harmonious society in a modern world, without sacrificing the identity of art and culture in our country. “, did he declare.Bernama

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