Michael Phelps participates in the camp conference series for the Alabama football team

A pair of GOATs collided in Tuscaloosa, Alabama on Saturday when the University of Alabama head football coach Nick Saban invited the 23-time Olympic gold medalist swimmer Michael Phelps speak with his team.

Although no video of the conversation has yet been released, several photos and quotes have been released, including one indicating that Phelps may make an appearance on the YouTube series “Bama Cuts.” The series, launched last year, features head coach Nick Saban and Alabama football players in casual conversation at a barbershop inside the football facility.

While many of the guests are former Alabama football players, athletes from other sports have appeared on the show before, including baseball player Alex Rodriguez.

Saban said the theme for the fall camp speaker series is “choices.”

” Everything is a question of choice. Michael Phelps spoke last night and said your actions speak louder than words,” Saban told a news conference. ” The message is clear. We try to help our players succeed in life… his message has a big impact on how to face life, not just sport.

During his swimming career, Phelps achieved as much as any athlete in his sport, winning 28 Olympic medals, including 23 gold, and setting 39 world swimming records. But throughout his career, Phelps has faced many challenges. This included the infamous 2009 “bong” photo from a time when marijuana use was not as widely accepted in the United States as it is today, and two DUI arrests.

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Later in his career and in retirement, however, Phelps became a strong supporter of mental health, especially among athletes.

As for Saban’s credentials, he is arguably the greatest college football coach in history. He has a career record of 178-25 at the University of Alabama and has won seven national titles at college football’s highest level as a head coach: more than anyone in history. He also became the first coach to win a national championship at two different FBS (Division 1-A) schools since AP polling began in 1936. Six of Saban’s national titles were won at Alabama, and another in 2003 at USL.

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