MR CFB: Is the college football regular season overrated? Here’s what readers are saying

I get a lot of Tweets but very few of them bother me. This one did.

This is from a guy who calls himself Kid America with a Twitter account @authentic11112. And he wrote:

“I love college football, but the idea that the regular season is great is a myth. Big non-conference games are rare. Week 1 can have three big games. College football has games of chance . That’s it. That’s what keeps it going.”

How to answer?

Well, let’s start here.

Just so you know. In my humble opinion, any Week 1 conference game is a big game.

These games are in the first two weeks:

Nebraska vs. Northwestern (Dublin, Ireland)

West Virginia to Pittsburgh

Penn State at Purdue

Oregon vs. Georgia (Atlanta)

Cincinnati to Arkansas

Illinois to Indiana

Note Dame to Ohio State

Utah to Florida

Florida State vs. LSU (New Orleans)

Clemson vs. Georgia Tech (Atlanta)

And let’s just look at non-conference SEC games:

Georgia vs. Oregon, September 3

Alabama to Texas, September 10

Cincinnati at Arkansas, September 3

Penn State at Auburn, September 17

LSU vs. Florida State, Sept. 4

Mississippi State in Arizona, September 10

South Carolina at Clemson, Nov. 26

Miami at Texas A&M, September 17

So I respectfully disagree. With the gentleman above.

I asked readers of my Twitter account if they think college football’s regular season is overrated. Here are some answers:

@hawksgumatt: Compared to what ? In the NFL where there are literally games to throw away in weeks 17 and 18. In the NBA where half of all teams play in the postseason tournament?

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@tbotmb: Sounds like some friends I have that moved south from the NE. They all believe the NFL is so much better until they go play CFB. When they entered Williams-Brice or Death Valley, their feelings and opinions changed.

PCDawg: Sounds like something a football fan would say, or a non-SEC conference fan.

@LexerD19: The regular season is great because it’s more meaningful, not because, not because every game is between two teams of mostly equal talent like the NFL. But when a loss can decide a playoff berth, it just means more.

@Bigdawg_89: Totally disagree! Every game counts. What he describes is the NFL.

@CFBcosdawg: I love the regular season. It would be nice to see the top games spreading a bit.

@DunnStevon Ummmmm not to throw shade but no I disagree. The SEC is packed with big games every Saturday. It’s the best regular season in sports. The spirit, pride and love for the games is college football, imo.

@NcManny14: It is an aberrant. Overall, the college football season is one of the best, if not the best, sports season in the United States.

@hdchappy: I was a big fan of BFC, but have lost interest for years and the recent realignment of NIL and the conference has pushed me over the edge. Almost no excitement for this season.

@doughinjaxy: The regular season in college football is great EVERY week.

What do you think? Go to @MrCFB on Twitter and let me know.

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