Netflix ‘Reclaim’ Movie Review: Making a Place Called Home

In a marriage, the spouses must share the same responsibility. In this Taiwanese home, the wife is doing all the housework while her husband is busy petting a pigeon. David (the husband) is a messy individual. His wife is the one who cleans up after him.

Yeh Lan-hsin, the main character of the film is a very hard-working and dedicated woman. For 30 years, she has been working in a nursery. Mrs. Lan-hsin likes to keep everything organized. She especially liked the miniature houses that she used to make. These tiny houses pointed to how she wanted her family to live comfortably in a larger house. Yeh Lan-hsin wanted to take care of her family and so she wanted everyone to live under one roof.

She is a very supportive mother. Her daughter recently lost her job and moved again. Her husband was very disappointed in her daughter, but Mrs. Lan-hsin did not even doubt her daughter for a second. Her mother is also sick and lives in a nursing home. Ms. Lan-hsin’s mother suffers from Alzheimer’s disease and really wants her to stay with her. Through her mother’s illness, Ms. Lan-hsin realizes her self-esteem and how she has worked tirelessly for her family for so long.

Ms. Lan-hsin has been living a committed life with David. He never contributed to the household, and it was sad to see how she continually worked while he sat idle and said useless things. Not only is she upset about this, but her mother is also going through a lot.

A mother’s dedication to her family runs so deep that she even forgets to take care of herself. If she sees that her son is suffering, she can do anything to reduce it. She will never complain and will do everything in her control. Therefore, no love is greater than that of a mother.

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The movie can make you feel emotional and angry at some points, but the plot of the movie is as calm as stagnant water. Numerous films have been made on the subject of discovering self-esteem. At first the movie seems interesting, then it becomes very predictable. The best part of this movie is its last scene, and the audience may have to watch it twice to fully understand it. There will be mixed reactions to this movie as it tells a lot but also fails on many fronts. So the audience needs to make a decision before watching the movie.

In my opinion, this film is a difficult step. If you still want to see this movie, don’t get your hopes up. The writers have tried to show so many things, but in the process, they fail to attract the attention of the audience. Despite having a good idea in mind, the execution was very poor. They have tried to show us the struggles that a woman faces in her life. No new things were shown, and even with everything that has been, they could have been portrayed in a better light.

Final score – [6/10]
Reviewed By – Riya Singh
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