Netflix’s ‘The Sandman’ Season 2 Update, Everything We Know

The Sandman seems to be doing well for Netflix, and everyone involved is just hanging around, ready for season 2 to be greenlit. They are very ready, in fact, and it could mean that we see season 2 faster than we could, given that this eventuality seems more planned than most.

A Rolling Stone interview with showrunner Allan Heinberg reveals how much has been invested in planning for season 2 already:

“Well, we had a writers room for 20 weeks to talk about the second season and break stories and come up with outlines and first drafts. And now I’m having initial discussions with production design and visual effects and getting everything in position so that if we’re lucky enough to get a second season, we’re ready to go, ideally with the same team that did the first season. “.

  • Heinberg goes on to say that while parts of Season 2 would be in chronological order, they would also pull standalone aspects of other parts of the story to stream there, such as a story where Dream frees his old flame, Nada, from Hell. , something that was only teased in season 1.
  • The tone will change a bit, as Heinberg admits things never get darker than 24/7, the show’s already infamous dinner party episode, as it moves more into the fantasy.
  • When asked how many seasons The Sandman might run, Heinberg doesn’t give a specific total, but says that with all the source material on the line, the show “could go on for quite a while, if we had the viewers.”
  • He also mentions that they want to do more with Johanna Constantine in the present, adding weight to the idea that maybe a Constantine spin-off could be made separate from the main show, an idea Neil Gaiman has already said he’d like to see. , when a fan asked him about it.

While Heinberg is careful in his responses not to take anything for granted, he seems like someone who has carefully measured multiple seasons, especially a second season, based on the assumed performance of the first.

Again, even though the show is doing well at first glance, I wonder if Netflix has a problem with it being a part WB production, and they like to completely own their own great series these days? days, and this is what’s left of a deal. years in the making. I think they could see something poetic in having a high-quality DC comics adaptation of the WB in an era where the WB is battling DC in many ways on their own streaming service. But we will see if the “meanness” plays in the renewal or not. So far, things are looking pretty good overall.

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