One Piece Film Red receives mixed reviews in Japan

Posted on August 8, 2022

The One Piece Red movie opened in Japan on August 6th and is breaking records just 2 days after its release in theaters, but when it comes to reviews, One Piece fans in Japan have given somewhat mixed responses, with nearly 25 percent of viewers. gave 1 star on movie review website.

one piece red movie ratings

First, let’s talk about the success of the One Piece movie Red. Based on the manga by Eiichiro Oda, the One Piece movie Red has earned ¥2,254,237,030 (approximately US$16 million) in 2 days. The film is the highest-earning film in the One Piece franchise in the opening weekend. The One Piece movie Red also had the second biggest opening weekend in revenue (in Japan), right behind Demon Slayer Mugen Train.

So the One Piece Red movie is doing a good business this means that a large One Piece fan base really enjoyed the movie but the abundance of negative reviews also means that there was a significant number of fans who were not satisfied with the movie. movie. contents.

Reason behind negative ratings

According to a Twitter user @lightning446, some One Piece fans were expecting a traditional One Piece movie just like the previous movies in the franchise, but the One Piece Movie Red ended up being a musical thing that felt boring to hardcore fans of One Piece. One Piece in Japan.

You may be wondering, how many songs does One Piece Film Red have? One Piece Red has a total of 7 songs, sung by Ado, which is a lot even for a musical.

One Piece Movie Red currently has a rating of 3/5 based on ratings from nearly 10,000 people on a popular Japanese movie review website, Eida. One reviewer, who gave a rating of 0.5/5, wrote:

My sister, who likes Ado, and I, who don’t like Ado, went together, but after seeing him, we both fell silent. There were more song parts than I expected, and it was hard to get into the story.

Another reviewer wrote:

Many of the songs themselves are good, and Ado’s singing voice is beautiful. I saw it in IMAX (theater), so there was more time between live performances, but I want the creators to understand that I came to see the One Piece movie and not to listen to Ado-san’s song. About 40 minutes is too long.

In case you don’t know, Ado is a 19-year-old Japanese singer. She is quite popular among Japanese youth, but some parents don’t like her because of her song’s harsh lyrics that are apparently bad for youth.

Another reason behind the negative reviews is to reveal important information about Shanks, which is not even revealed in the manga. Luffy’s next power-up, which did not debut in the anime, was also revealed in the film. It could be said that Luffy’s new power and new information about Shanks were added to urge more people to watch the movie.

Even after these negative reviews, One Piece Red is doing a lot. Crunchyroll will bring the One Piece Red Movie to the US in Fall 2022.

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