Oxford City Football Club will accept Bitcoin for matchday tickets

Oxford City Football Club will accept Bitcoin for matchday tickets

National League becomes first to allow digital currency payments with new partnership with CoinCorner

By Shashank Bhardwaj

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Bitcoin adoption is on the rise, and Oxford City Football Club is the newest organization looking to get involved. The National League soccer club is looking to be the first of its kind to start accepting matchday payments in BTC with the season kicking off on August 6. While cash and card payments are still available, customers will also be able to use BTC to purchase tickets, food and beverages at RAW Charging Stadium in Oxford City with Bitcoin on the Lightning Network.

The move is the result of a multi-year partnership between the football club and an Isle of Man-based bitcoin company, CoinCorner. The crypto company will have its logo on the back of the shirts worn by the club’s players and will reside as the official sponsor of the Hoops’ opening game on August 6. As a mark of their new partnership, CoinCorner also released a limited edition Oxford City FC Bolt Card that would allow Bitcoin users to take advantage of contactless technology in payments.

This partnership was born last year during the Bitcoin Ballers Winter Cup festival, organized by the OCFC. Oxbit founder Coach Carbon struck up a relationship with FC’s commercial director and the idea of ​​including digital currencies in the sphere was floated. He commented: “A three-way call was arranged and things progressed from there once the football club understood and could see the impact CoinCorner could have in terms of education and lending. ‘Bitcoin Adoption.’

A lower league side owned by Peter McCormack’s pro-Bitcoin football club, Real Bedford are also getting involved in the crypto world as they would also accept BTC payments for same-day tickets. However, CoinCorner CEO Danny Scott explains that the OCFC is the “first adopter of bitcoin payments in the National League”. While they may be the first, they certainly don’t intend to be the last. Scott also said: “We believe this move will set a trend in the Non-League and Football League divisions as digital currency establishes itself as the new normal for sports fans and event goers across the United Kingdom”
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Additionally, the Oxford City FC manager also sounded positive about the move and enthusiastic about the adoption of bitcoin in the football industry, saying, “Over 3.3 million people living in the UK UK now own Bitcoin – an increase of around one million from last year alone It is not mandatory for people to engage with our new technology, but we believe that over time pay via Bitcoin will become the new normal in English football.
Bitcoin is on the rise in the UK with many large companies and organizations looking to get involved. Edinburgh is set to host a Bitcoin conference in October to deepen the conversation.
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