People are ‘disturbed’ after seeing women being ‘assaulted’ in Netflix docuseries

**Trigger Warning: This article is about rape and sexual assault**

Viewers have been disturbed by accounts and accusations of rape and sexual assault in a new Netflix docuseries. Check out the trailer below:

Train Wreck: Woodstock ’99 recounts the infamous musical event that took place 30 years after the pivotal 1969 festival.

While the original Woodstock was a key moment in the anti-war hippie counterculture, the 1999 revival quickly turned into a fiery, violent disaster.

There were four reported cases of rape and many reported cases of sexual assault that are mentioned in the three-part documentary series.

A woman named Heather, who was 14 when she attended the festival, said she was groped as she navigated through the crowd.

“There were people who were legit trying to carry you like they were supposed to be, but there are also a lot of guys, like grabbing your tit and squeezing your ass as they pass you by and, you know, I was young, I was 14, like I never had that kind of hand in those places,” he said.

In another shocking interview, stage manager AJ Srybnik said he found a naked girl who was unconscious and next to her was a boy putting on his pants.

The festival descended into chaos.  Credit: Netflix
The festival descended into chaos. Credit: Netflix

“I was stunned,” he reflected on the shocking moment. “It literally took my life.”

One viewer shared: “If you plan on watching that Netflix doc on Woodstock ’99, be aware that there are images that could be potentially triggering for survivors of sexual assault.”

While another called the documentary ‘fantastic’, they said the accounts of sexual assault left them feeling ‘angry’.

They tweeted: “I watched the @netflix documentary on #Woodstock99 and my God the number of victims blaming and turning a blind eye to abuse and assault on women made me so angry.

“Fantastic documentary about a festival that could have been amazing, but greed ruined it, like most things.”

“I don’t even want to mention substance abuse in that #Woodstock99 mess.”

Echoing the anger of other viewers for blaming victims on women taking their tops off during the festival, one Twitter user shared: “That #woodstock99 on Netflix was crazy. Those guys just wanted to make money, and for them to say they didn’t know the women were assaulted… and to anyone who says “well, the women were topless” still doesn’t give those men the right to assault anyone.” .

The documentary series has shocked viewers.  Credit: Netflix
The documentary series has shocked viewers. Credit: Netflix

Promoter John Sher also drew criticism for comments made in the documentary about the four reported rapes at the festival.

“Woodstock was like a small town, you know?” she says in the last episode of the docuseries.

“All things considered, I’d say there would probably be as many or more rapes in any city that size… but it wasn’t anything that gained enough traction to cause any problems on the site, apart from, of course, the women being raped.” I pass”.

An outraged viewer called Sher’s comments ‘baffling’ in a tweet: “I think the inability of Michael Lang and John Scher to take responsibility for the conditions during Woodstock ’99 is a great example of how generation hippies post-war they sold their ‘peace and love’ to uninhibited capitalism.

“They really believe they didn’t do anything wrong, it’s baffling.”

Trainwreck: Woodstock ’99 is available to stream on Netflix now.

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