Reclaim (2022) review: A thought-provoking watch on how we view the women in our lives


Claim it’s generally a well-made movie that gives pause for thought, even if it drags on too long.

This Netflix movie review Reclaim (2022) is spoiler free.

Claim follows a woman who needs a bigger house that she thinks will help her keep her whole family happy, but in trying to find this solution, she realizes she hasn’t thought about herself and her own happiness for a long time . weather.

From the very beginning, it is clear that Claim It is a very well put together little film. Its opening titles fade in and out against the interior of a small dollhouse and all its parts are being created, and it’s fair to say that the film is made with the same care and attention. It feels like everything has been carefully considered and the creative team behind it has included every aspect with a very clear intention. Nothing is crap.

Claim it’s shot in a way that makes it seem almost documentary-style, and it kind of plays out in a similar way. You get a real insight into the life of our protagonist, who is never referred to by her name as such; just like the different roles that she plays for different people, and it’s like being a fly on the wall during her daily activities.

Its independent cinematic style contributes a lot to how thought-provoking it is. Claim it is general in that it results in the woman at the center of this story having the power to be any of the women in our own lives and gives rise to consideration of how we see them ourselves. Very often, we see these women for what they are to us; as ‘mom’, or ‘wife’, or ‘teacher’, rather than as her own person with her own needs and desires.

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Claim it has a tendency to get a bit bogged down in reflecting on the outside world’s perception of its protagonist, and as such starts to move too slowly for my personal taste. The more fantastical elements of the film are also layered deep and a bit confusing to follow, but despite all of this, it’s nice to see things culminate in a happy ending where the woman gets what she deserves, what she deserves. which is to be seen. who she is and what she is to those around her.

Overall, despite his habit of lingering too long and fixating on metaphors that aren’t clear enough to drive his point home, Claim it’s generally a well-made film that gives pause for thought. It definitely won’t be for everyone, but if you like a bit of commentary on social norms, it’s a pretty welcoming version.

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