Save the Sankey Lake Sitting Ducks

By Manisha S

Area residents want iron grates to prevent birds from being drawn into the overflow vent adjacent to the lake

Sankey Lake is often considered the heart of Malleswaram. It is one of the popular meeting places in the city. It also houses the alluring raft of different shades of ducks.

The winged inhabitants of the lake have been in trouble recently due to the sharp rise in water levels from the recent downpour. Many ducks were swept into the overflow vent adjacent to the lake.

Fortunately, some alerted residents informed the firefighters who rescued the ducks. Rescuers went to the sewer and rescued as many ducks as they could. The ducks were returned to the lake.

“Luckily the firefighters were free that day, and it was a lucky day for the ducks that they were rescued. Not every day is lucky enough. Therefore, we ask the authorities concerned to build grids above the overflow Wall. This will be a permanent solution for duck safety,” said Girish Kumar, Sankey Yoga Batch.



Ducks are a tourist attraction, especially among children.

“Children come here mainly to see the ducks swimming and eating fish. Children come here mainly to see the ducks swimming and eating fish. They add to the scenic beauty of the lake and need to be protected,” said a regular walker.

The members of Sankey Lake Yoga suggest that authorities build structural steel as a protective grid over the dam so that it prevents ducks from falling and drowning or being subsequently swept away. The ducks were only saved by the timely intervention of firefighters. Members also said Bangalore Mirror that due to the incessant rain during the night, it becomes quite difficult to keep an eye on such incidents.

“Lake Sankey is an oasis of green cover in a city that is rapidly seeing the depletion of green cover. My sincere suggestion to the authorities is to complete the ongoing work started four or five years ago to beautify Lake Sankey. The grid over the dam was probably unplanned and should be completed along with other works, including the improvement of the children’s park,” said Kiran Kamathmanagement consultant and member of the Sankey Yoga lot.

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