‘Stranger Things’ continues to rise in ratings, but Amazon draws attention (NASDAQ:NFLX)

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Another week, another several billion minutes of one Netflix streamed (NASDAQ:NFLX) big hits as it wrapped up its fourth season last month.

Strange things again dominated online viewing in sheer numbers, broadcasting 4.8B minutes on Nielsen Latest Weekly Streaming ratings (from July 4 to 10). The series has dominated viewing since the release of the first part of its fourth season on May 27 and saw a further surge with the release of the season finale on July 1.

It was an easy leader for the week, though Amazon Prime Video (NASDAQ:AMZN) made some noise with their latest hits. Second to Strange things was the Chris Pratt series from Amazon terminal list (1.56B minutes broadcast). And the finale of Amazon’s very grown-up superhero series. Boys placed it fourth with 1,086B minutes, just behind Netflix (NFLX) the umbrella academy with 1,279B minutes.

Completing the general the top 10 were many of the usual Netflix streaming suspects (NFLX): No. 5, sing 2 (839 million minutes); no 6, NCIS (837 million minutes); no 7, Grey’s Anatomy (697 million minutes); no 8, coeater (684 million minutes); no 9, Only (which also aired on Hulu (New York Stock Exchange: DIS) (CMCSA), 577M minutes); and No. 10, the movie girl in the photo, 537 million minutes.

the acquired series The list used to be 10 Netflix shows, but the streaming leader is seeing some competition from HBO Max on that list. While Netflix NCIS, Grey’s Anatomy, CoComelon and Netflix/Hulu Only topped that list, HBO Max (WBD) landed Friends at No. 5, with 512 million minutes broadcast. HBO Max also placed Big Bang Theory at No. 9, with 383M minutes.

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the original series The list was topped by Netflix/Amazon shows that led the overall list, but also featured Disney+ (DIS) at No. 7 with another week of mrs wonder (295 million minutes streamed), and Hulu (DIS) (CMCSA) landed at #10 with Only murders in the building (256 million minutes).

And the films The chart also had more diversity this week. While Netflix movies (NFLX) took the top four spots: Sing 2, Girl in the Picture, The Sea Beast (430 million minutes) and the man from toronto (386M minutes) – Disney+ (DIS) reached No. 5 with Doctor strange in the multiverse of madness (362M minutes) and No. 6 with Charm (286 million minutes). movie no 8, The dark knight rises it streamed 243 million minutes streamed on Netflix and HBO Max (WBD). And Hulu (DIS) (CMCSA) made a rare movie appearance with leave no trace (226 million minutes).

(Nielsen streaming ratings now incorporate viewing from six major streamers: Amazon Prime Video (AMZN), Apple TV+ (AAPL), Disney+ (DIS), HBO Max (WBD), Hulu (DIS) (CMCSA) and Netflix (NFLX).

This week, Warner Bros. Discovery (WBD) broke some news by confirming that it would be combining HBO Max and Discovery+ into a single offering beginning in the summer of 2023.

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