‘Stranger Things’ is seconds away from becoming the first Netflix show to achieve this incredible milestone.

The Lady’s Gambit. Squid game. Inventing Ana. Manifesto. Bridgerton. All of these shows have dominated Netflix.
Top 10 charts at one time or another. And what separates these shows from the rest is the resistance each of these shows has on Netflix’s daily popularity charts.

But in a few hours, Strange things it’s going to do something that none of those other programs could do. So after this? Strange things it will just absolutely delete a Netflix record.

The feat in question? Well, today marks the 78th day in a row that Strange things has been featured on Netflix’s top 10 shows list. And if the series can last just one more day, which it most definitely will, then it will be above all other shows on Netflix.

These are the longest Top 10 streaks in Netflix history*.

  1. Stranger Things – 78 days in a row
  2. The Queen’s Gambit – 78 consecutive days
  3. Squid game – 75 consecutive days
  4. Inventing Anna – 65 consecutive days
  5. Manifest – 64 consecutive days
  6. Bridgerton – 61 consecutive days
  7. Avatar: The Last Airbender – 61 consecutive days
  8. Ginny and Georgia – 58 days in a row
  9. Ozark – 57 consecutive days
  10. iCarly – 53 days in a row

*For full disclosure, we do not include children’s programming like CoComelon, a show that spent 255 consecutive days on the charts.

That list becomes even more compelling when you consider the huge gap between show #10, icarlyand the other show currently tied for No. #1, The Queen’s Gambit. Only seven shows have achieved a 60+ streak, and only three have broken the 70 barrier. And the way he’s looking Strange things? That show could very well break the century mark.

It all started on March 23 when Strange things made its Top 10 lifetime debut (as of February 2022 when the Top 10 charts premiered, the show had not released any episodes until its final season). Then, on May 27, the fourth season of Strange things it eventually dropped, and the show went to the races.

After, Strange things spent 26 consecutive days in the #1 position. Then the streak was interrupted for eight days (thanks to the last season of the umbrella academy) before resuming control for another 15 consecutive days. The show would later get more days in the top spot, bringing its first place total to 42 days.

Weather Ginny and Georgia still holds the record for the most consecutive days at No. #1, the 42-day mark is the most of any show on Netflix, which is pretty crazy, because several other shows have had multiple seasons to build their numbers, while Strange things He has done it with a single season (although divided into two parts).

Here are the shows with the most days at No. #1:

  1. Stranger Things – 42 days
  2. Virgin River – 35 days
  3. Foreign Banks – 32 days
  4. Tiger King – 31 days
  5. Manifest – 31 days
  6. ginny and georgia – 29 days
  7. Cobra Kai – 27 days
  8. The Umbrella Academy – 23 days
  9. The Queen’s Gambit – 23 days
  10. Who killed Sarah? – 22 days

Yesterday marked the first day since the season four premiere that Strange things it didn’t finish first, second, or third in the Top 10. But the show joined the Top 3 once again today for its 78th consecutive appearance, removing any doubt that the show was slipping.

So how high Strange things climb at this point. Obviously, the show will break the top 10 record at midnight. But beyond that, it will be wild to see how far Strange things can stretch this unprecedented streak.

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