Super Cop (1992) by Stanley Tong

Four years after the second installment of arguably the most popular Jackie Chan franchise, the actor would reprise his role as Police Inspector Chan Ka-Kui in “Police Story 3: Supercop” (or just “Supercop” in some areas). Perhaps due to his busy schedule in front of and behind the camera, working on other projects such as the equally successful “Armour of God” movies, Stanley Tong took over directing duties from Chan, who would go on to serve as producer on the project. This collaboration turned out to be quite fruitful for both of them, laying the groundwork for feature films like “Rumble in the Bronx,” which would give the actor a breakthrough in American markets after years of trying. Although previous entries in the franchise had already set a pretty high bar when it came to stunts, “Supercop” would see Chan in the midst of some of the most ambitious and expensive stunts of his career, at the same time which would show it below. to perhaps the most valuable asset in the entire production, Michelle Yeoh as Inspector Yang Chien-Hua.

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In order to put an end to the trafficking of a powerful drug lord named Chaibat in Southeast Asia, his superiors assign Ka-Kui (Chan) a dangerous mission, the most suitable for a “super cop” like him, as they say. . . He must infiltrate the operation, aiding in the escape of one of Chaibat’s henchmen, Panther, who is currently in jail. His only help comes in the form of Chinese Inspector Yang (Yeoh), a skilled and experienced police officer, who supports Ka-Kui in establishing his new identity and background, as well as providing valuable information about the drug dealer. Ultimately, the first part of the operation is a success and Ka-Kui is able to gain Panther’s trust and is on his way to join forces with Chaibat, who is eager to control the entire drug trade.

However, Yang, under the guise of being Ka-Kui’s little sister, also joins the mission, after being ordered by her superiors to support her HK colleague more. In addition to taking over the entire drug trade and thus eliminating his competition, Chaibat also aims to rescue his wife, who is being held prisoner in Malaysia by the local authorities. After running into May (Maggie Cheung), Ka-Kui’s girlfriend, by accident, the drug lord and his men have their suspicions about the motives of their new recruits, and the once-secret mission becomes a mystery. a dangerous operation, which not only threatens their lives, but their lives as well. also the survival of Chan’s love.

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If you’re an action fan, there’s a good chance “Supercop” will make your top ten list of genre movies, just for the action sequences. Aside from a few brief moments throughout the story, the jungle shootout, as well as the infamous Malaysian chase sequence, culminating in Chan and Yeoh’s character fighting henchmen on top of a speeding train. , are perhaps some of the best action scenarios. Pieces of 1990s Hong Kong cinema, easily rivaling the Hollywood genre blockbusters of the same decade. Aside from the performances, this is also down to a combination of efforts, from Tong’s directing to Ardy Lam’s cinematography, and last but not least, Cheung Ka-Fai and Peter Cheung’s editing. Like the action scenes of its predecessor, these moments are visually stunning and suspenseful considering the stakes for the two heroes.

At the same time, these scenes highlight the overall tone of the film, which, while still having its fair share of slapstick moments, is still more serious and darker than the last two “Police Story” movies. The violence of the criminals along with the action scenes containing more explosions and gunfights, this aspect is, in some way, connected to the character of Michelle Yeoh, whose acting sometimes even outshines Chan’s, and already establishes the character. actress as a very different action character. than her male counterpart. Her character’s professionalism and ideological background make for an interesting base, while Chan, as the hero, is once again busy rescuing the damsel in distress. If you focus on Yeoh’s dialogues, Yang’s exchanges with her colleague HK hers, you will surely notice not only her firm understanding of that particular character, but also her intelligence as an actress, which she will further develop in Future projects.

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In conclusion, “Police Story 3: Supercop” is an impressive and highly entertaining action movie. Its settings and especially Michelle Yeoh’s performances make the third installment of this popular franchise a must-see for fans of the genre.

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