The 10 best fantasy football seasons of all time in every position (2022)

The calendar has switched from July to August and that means football is just around the corner. Training camps are underway and we look forward to another season of fantasy football. This time of year is for gauging news out of camp, reading articles, and beginning the process of preparing for the upcoming fantasy football drafts. As we eagerly await the new season, sometimes it’s fun to look back on past seasons and reminisce about days gone by. Remembering with fondness the great statistical efforts of players and how certain players helped us win a championship or lose a championship by playing against them in a critical game.

Below are the best fantasy performances of the last 20 years. This is based on standard PPR scoring with four-point touchdowns. All stats courtesy of

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Top 10 Fantasy Football Quarterback Seasons

This list has all the usual suspects and maybe a few guys you haven’t thought of in a while, like Kurt Warner and Daunte Culpepper. My first conclusion is that the last four years are all in the top six in the rankings. Another thing that stands out is that Josh Allen is the only player to show up twice (2020 and 2021). It’s not hard to see why he’s the consensus number one QB for the 2022 season. Expanding that list to 20, the only player to appear three times is Culpepper. We have Aaron Rodgers, Tom Brady and Peyton Manning all here and Culpepper takes the crown. Although with the young guys on this list, it’s not hard to imagine a few three-rounders from Allen, Mahomes and Jackson in the years to come.

Top 10 Fantasy Running Back Football Seasons

This is where we raise our glass to the old dogs. Six of the top 10 belong to players who played before 2010. It was a glorious time to play fantasy football, with plug-and-play league winners such as LT, Priest Holmes and Marshall Faulk. The top five seasons were basically cheat codes. If you registered any of these players, you were playing in the Fantasy Championships. It should be noted that Barkley is only three years away from being the best running back in fantasy football and now he enters this season in good health. CMC also falls into this category as he is only two years retired and healthy as well. Finally, a big thank you to Chris “CJ2K” Johnson for having the best nickname on this list.

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Top 10 Fantasy Football Wide Receiver Seasons

Year Player Points
2021 Cooper Kupp 439.5
2007 Randy Moss 385.3
2002 marvin harrison 384.2
2015 Antonio Brown 382.3
2014 Antonio Brown 380.8
2003 Randy Moss 376
2019 Michael Thomas 374.6
2011 Calvin Johnson 359.2
2020 Davante Adams 358.4
2001 marvin harrison 351.7

This group of receivers is a hodgepodge of new and old seasons. Notice the last three years made the list. Another thing that jumped out is that Cooper Kupp absolutely blew everyone away with his performance last year. He’s the only receiver to score over 400 points and he hangs out in revered company with the likes of Randy Moss, Marvin Harrison and Calvin Johnson. The latest sighting is to see Antonio Brown with two of the best five fantasy point seasons of all time. It makes you wonder what might have been had he kept his antics off the pitch to a minimum.

Top 10 close seasons in fantasy football

Year Player Points
2011 Rob Gronkowski 330.9
2020 Travis Kelce 312.7
2013 Jim Graham 303.5
2021 Mark Andrews 301.1
2018 Travis Kelce 294.6
2009 Dallas Clark 271.7
2004 Tony Gonzalez 270.3
2014 Rob Gronkowski 266.4
2008 Tony Gonzalez 261.8
2005 Antonio Gates 259.1
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The best tight ends are just as rare as you already know. Over the past 20 years, only nine different players have had a fantastic season. Kelce leads the way with five followed closely by Tony Gonzalez with four and Gronkowski with three. Everyone has two, except Heap, Andrews and Clark. Grab those best TEs and hold on tight. It’s easy to see Mark Andrews top of the list next season as well. He has the perfect combination of quarterback, goals and pre-season scheme.

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