‘The Sandman’: Netflix Explains Reason Behind Show’s Skewed Aspect Ratio

‘The Sandman’: Netflix Explains Reason Behind Show’s Skewed Aspect Ratio

07/08/2022 21:40
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'The Sandman': Netflix Explains Reason Behind Show's Skewed Aspect Ratio
‘The Sandman’ premiered on Netflix on August 5. (Photo credit: Netflix Tudum)

The Sandmanbased on the DC comic series of New York Times Best Seller author Neil Gaiman, arrives on Netflix on Friday (August 5).

It was highly anticipated by fans of the global phenomenon horror and fantasy comic series.

Although, some viewers were quick to notice the show’s aspect ratio, which seemed a bit off.

But Netflix explained their deliberate creative choice.

Why does this story matter?

  • by Gaiman The Sandman It has been a difficult adaptation to bring to life on television screens. There were several attempts before, but to no avail.
  • With Netflix’s decision to bring graphic novels to life with a big budget and stellar cast, the project was approved and passed over by Gaiman himself.
  • The Sandman It is reportedly DC Entertainment’s most expensive show.

Fans, viewers noticed distinctive visuals for the first time in the trailer

Viewers first noticed the skewed footage when the trailer for The Sandman arrived.

And this seemed to be a cause for concern for fans of the original book series.

Some noted that the screen felt stretched up and others wondered if it was a glitch causing the distinctive images.

In addition to the trailer, these unusual images were also seen throughout the series.

Netflix explained that visual distortion was used to give a surreal effect

A Netflix spokesperson confirmed that the image distortion was a deliberate choice for the series.

“As you’ll notice, a lot of the environments are surreal in the series, and we often say that’s what a dream would feel like,” they said.

This confirmed that elongated faces and overly stretched images were meant to give a surreal feel, which really works!

The Sandman it is a show that goes beyond space and time and binds us to its world of mythical lands and mysterious and dark kingdoms.

It shows the journey of the main character Dream of the Endless (Tom Sturridge), also known as Morpheus, Kai’ckul, Sandman and many other names.

It unfolds to show how the Ruler of Dreams is haunted by the mistakes of his past.

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