The weekend there was quite a lot of Kaos in the center of Malaga

It was a bit ‘chaotic’ in the Soho district on Sunday. / C. Pinto

Residents and visitors were surprised by the arrival of a large production team to film the new Netflix series starring Jeff Goldblum

Malaga’s Alameda de Colón seemed unusually busy at 8am on Sunday, although some strange developments in the previous days, such as the name changes of local businesses and signs warning of parking restrictions, had indicated that something was up. going.

It turned out that scenes from Kaos, the new Netflix series, were going to be filmed there and on the Paseo del Parque throughout the day by a crew of 250 people accompanied by 150 vehicles.

Kaos, which will have eight episodes, is created and written by Charlie Covell and is directed by Georgi Banks-Davis. The series is a modern take on Greek and Roman mythology with themes of gender politics, power, and life in hell.

A walk through the Alameda Principal seemed normal to the Soho area, where police and security guards stopped people who went out into some streets. However, a large number of onlookers stayed to watch the action. Those who knew about the series expected to see the main actor, Jeff Goldblum (Jurassic World), who plays Zeus, but were disappointed. “No, no, he’s not here. He is not coming today,” those who inquired were told.

Most people who live in the area didn’t seem too concerned about the disturbance. Lisardo, for example, who has been there for more than 50 years, said he was impressed with the production. “It’s amazing what they do when they’re filming something. And I hope it’s good publicity for the city. I don’t care,” he said.

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There were certainly some interesting changes. For example, the Cajasur bank on the corner of Calle Linaje looked the same as always, but the side of the corner on Alameda de Colón had become a completely different bank: Banco Onoche.

A new kiosk called Zythos had also sprung up out of nowhere, and inside it contained candy, magazines, newspapers, and postcards, as well as a sign that read “I love Zeus.” Directly opposite, the street sign that normally reads Calle Casas de Campos had been replaced with one announcing that it was Rhada Road.

There was a traffic jam in this scene in the movie and a lot of attention had been paid to the details. The plates of all the vehicles were Greek and the taxis were green. Their drivers, including Aitana, who is from Malaga, had to sit in their cars all morning. “That’s what we have to do, none of the vehicles should move during this scene,” she explained.

At 1:30 p.m. there was a break so that the large Netflix team could eat something and recharge their batteries before returning to filming. It was going to be a long day. They were to end at the Paseo del Parque, but by then night would be falling.

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