Today’s headlines: Tipperary pitcher Dillon Quirke (24) dies after falling ill during game; Holiday home owners will receive money to house refugees

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Tipperary hurling star Dillon Quirke, 24, dies after falling ill during the game

A Tipperary pitcher has died after collapsing during a game at Semple Stadium last night. Dillon Quirke (24) was stretched off the pitch shortly before half-time at Thurles on Friday.

Holiday home owners to be offered cash incentive to help ease refugee housing crisis

The government has urged holiday home owners to lend their properties to the state to help ease the Ukrainian refugee crisis, and may offer them a monthly cash payment in excess of the €400 currently offered to households.

‘Everyone is just numbed by the scale of the tragedy’ – locals left in shock after brother and sister drown off Kerry beach

A community is in shock after a man and his sister drown while swimming at a popular tourist spot. Father-of-two Dessie Byrne (52) died trying to rescue Muriel Eriksson, 62, when she ran into difficulty off Ballybunion beach in County Kerry.

Sabina Higgins: a pacifist who found herself in the line of fire

For someone who has worked as an actor for years and trained to handle all the pressures of being on stage, Sabina Higgins could be excused if she felt down this week.

Gardaí is investigating new allegations that Ian Bailey met Sophie Toscan du Plantier before her murder

Gardaí has ​​new information claiming to show self-confessed suspect Ian Bailey knew Sophie Toscan du Plantier before her murder – and even dined with her.

Like a Scene from Narcos: How the Kinahan Cartel Used Longford to Transport Millions of Drugs

Gardaí seized cocaine worth €8.4million after it was airlifted to Co Longford in a storyline straight out of a crime drama Narcos.

Europe’s foodie guide: Ireland’s top chefs tell us where they eat on holiday

From the best tortilla in Barcelona to a disused gas station in Copenhagen serving tasty burgers, our favorite foodies share their tips for your next European getaway.

Dublin Airport accused of ‘massaging’ queues by not counting passengers waiting outside T1 just to enter the building

Dublin Airport has been accused of ‘mashing the numbers’ when it comes to waiting times through security at the country’s biggest airport.

Regulation that keeps mortgage rates high for Irish homeowners defended by Central Bank

The Central Bank has defended regulatory rules that many blame for keeping mortgage rates here higher than in the rest of the eurozone.

State to issue record number of work permits amid job boom

The Department of Enterprise is on track to issue a record number of work permits this year as officials race to clear a backlog of applications built up during the pandemic.

Best of Indo Daily: Monkeypox explained – What is it, should we be worried and are we prepared for it?

Best of Indo Daily: Monkeypox explained – What is it, should we be worried and are we prepared for it?

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Going green: how Ireland’s top tourist attractions have gone eco-friendly

A bag of Tayto cheese and onion crisps might not scream sustainability, but the snack-sponsored theme park seems to be leading the pack as Ireland’s greenest tourist attraction.

Philly McMahon: I was offered a county leadership position this week. Here’s why I turned it down

Philly McMahon says the proposal for a county council this week made him realize his desire to be an inter-county boss and wonders how counties appoint their superiors.

WATCH: A man who smokes at a gas station sets himself on fire and sets his car on fire

A scientist apologizes because the image of the “new star” is chorizo

A world-renowned scientist has apologized after sharing what he claimed was a stunning photo of a star – and turned out to be a slice of chorizo.

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