Top 10 Fan Controlled Football Moments v2.0

The second season of the Fan Controlled Football league brought us a number of exciting moments that sparked interest in the league and made headlines for us. A Heisman winner and a Hall-Of-Famer making the list is no surprise. Here’s a recap of all the best moments for you to enjoy.

Arriving in 10th place is no surprise with Johnny Manziel’s first touchdown. The legend that is Johnny Football brought his talents to FCF, joining a club of Zappers that never lacks flash. A 26-yard pass to world wide receiver Terrell Owens put them on the goal line. Manziel then executed a flawless read option, leaving the containment defender in his tracks. Manziel gave Zappers and Texas A&M Aggie fans everywhere a taste of what they always knew was there.

Then we have “The Unstoppable Thor”. Joe Grogan for Bored Ape Football Club. The defensive lineman/tight end was placed at halfback on this particular play. The 6’3″ 270lb force received a designed transfer 4th and 1. Grogan dragged several 8oki defenders over the line and into the wall. What makes him all the more impressive is that he was met at the line of scrimmage by the defensive tackle.

The Should Have Been Stars made sure to make this list with everyone’s favorite sight on the gridiron, a big man touchdown. Burlington Jones lined up as a tight end off an off-balance line and tight running look, slipped into the seam unguarded for a touchdown. He immediately hit the grid perfectly, and his fellow big men joined him in the celebration.

In the playoff game between 8oki and Bored Ape FC, 8oki and quarterback Mitch Kidd trailed 6 points and had one last shot in the end zone before time expired. Kidd had time but drifted back and to his left. When he finally felt some pressure and fired his shot, Samuel Brown met the pass at the goal line for the pick. Bored Ape FC entered the People’s Championship in spectacular fashion.

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On a more positive note for the 8oki team, they land moment number 6 on the top ten list. Facing the Kingpins and quarterback Branon Silvers in Week 1, the defense provided a highlight reel game that football purists love to see. Ronald “Scary” Cherry had a clear path to the QB and proceeded to lay the wood on Silver right at the end of his throwing motion. Cherry knocked off her helmet and “Knocked Silvers To Bronze”.

From this same game comes the birth of the Comeback Kidd, 8oki QB Mitch Kidd. Kidd and his team faced 3rd and 10th roughly in midfield with 2 seconds on the clock. Kidd threw a nice touch pass over the outstretched arms of a Kingpin defender. Joseph Boykin had to make the winning match with a defender behind him, leading 8oki to victory and his teammates in the Hot Mic Booth.

The Beasts bring us the next memorable moment from FCF v2.0. Qwan’tez Stiggers had a day against the Glacier Boyz to the tune of not one, not two, but three interceptions. On his first pick, he was in the right place at the right time, with the quarterback and receiver not on the same page. His second came with great pressure up front. Stiggers, however, made his own luck by showing excellent athleticism by jumping, turning away from his body and sending it back 30 yards. He had the hat trick capitalizing on a QB hit, returning it for 32 more yards and a touchdown. Owner Marcus Peters was surely to be proud.

8oki running back Malcom Ballard wins third place trophy for best moment v2.0. Ballard, affectionately nicknamed “Gump”, scored a few points early near the goal line. His third score of the day was very impressive, lining up a draw near midfield, cutting and knocking a few defenders out of their shoes, going all the way home. With less than 2 minutes left in the first half, Ballard entered the end zone on a misdirected counter played into the gut. With 5 seconds left in that same half, Ballard earned another goal-line carry and would not be denied a run through the bodies for a record five scores.

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Opening week of v2.0 brought Pro Football Hall Of Famer Terrell Owens to the FCF. Always one to go down in history, Owens scored in his league debut. It may have been a lousy time, but Owens doing what he does best helped double the team’s total score and bring them within one possession. Quarterback Laquan Horton may have only had two assists this season, but he’ll surely remember this one.

The number one moment in FCF v2.0 goes to the champions. The Zappers started 0-4 in the v2.0 season but managed to pick up 3 straight wins to qualify for the playoffs. After beating the Beasts in the playoffs, the Zappers faced Bored Ape FC who had compiled a 5-2 record.

At the People’s Championship, Kelly Bryant, a quarterback of Clemson fame who took over from Deshaun Watson, arrives with the number 1 moment for the v2.0 season in the CFL. Bryant used his arms and legs to answer every call the beasts gave him. In the end, Bored Ape Football Club’s Deandre Francois had a shot in the end zone, but the Zappers defense showed up big, forcing the incompletion and winning the championship.

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