Touchstone and Beyond: A Disney “Veronica Guerin” Story

It’s the underworld of drugs and the hidden drug lords who rule 1990s Ireland in journalist Veronica Guerin’s biopic. Cate Blanchett brings to life the story of the journalist and her encounters with the seedy underworld of Dublin, Ireland.

the plot

Veronica Guerin writes for the independent sunday Dublin newspaper. He mostly covers political stories, but when he becomes aware of the drug epidemic sweeping the streets, he begins to investigate.

Through her contacts with John Traynor, Veronica is immersed in the dark side of crime. When she starts publishing stories about drug dealers and her influence, Guerin becomes a target. After being shot and then mugged by crime kingpin John Gilligan, Guerin must decide if she wants to press charges and face the wrath of a crazed lunatic or retire from her public role.

Seeking justice could result in Veronica becoming the headline instead of writing it.

The good

Cate Blanchett is great as Veronica Guerin. There is a lot of personality in the character that makes the audience identify with Guerin and support her success. Blanchett repeatedly makes Guerin human with her choices and actions. Blanchett’s talent allows us to connect with Guerin on a personal level.

Any movie with Ciaran Hinds is a great movie, no matter what happens in the movie. She is a force on screen, no matter how small a role she plays. The public cannot help but be captivated by her work.

the bad and the ugly

Veronica Guerin risks dramatizing real-life events to make them more cinematic and help sell the film. What I was wondering is why Guerin started his crusade against drugs. The movie never really makes that point, which makes me wonder why the hell she and her family would put themselves at risk.

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Also, when Guerin is shot and attacked, we never really understand why he keeps writing about drug dealers. A normal human reaction would be to hide. So, was Guerin superhuman, or did she naively believe that she would not be harmed? There’s a scene between Blanchett and Brenda Fricker that hints at Guerin’s stubborn streak. As her mother tells the story of Guerin’s stubborn actions when she was a child, Guerin is proud of her persistence, while her mother claims that she misses the point of the story.

Colin Farrell deserved more screen time than the minuscule scene he had with Blanchett.

Beyond the facts of the movie

  • The film won Best Irish Film at the Irish Film and Television Awards.
  • Cate Blanchett was nominated for a Golden Globe for her role.
  • Gerard McSorley, Ciaran Hinds and Brenda Fricker were nominated for their roles at the Irish Film and Television Awards.
  • Jodie Foster was reportedly in talks to play Veronica Guerin.
  • Patrick Bergin was originally cast as Chris Mulligan.
  • At the end of the movie, there is a disclaimer stating that Chris Mulligan is a character made up of many people.
  • During the promotional tour of Matilda, Danny DeVito became interested in directing the film. When he was in Ireland, he reportedly met with Guerin’s family to discuss a future feature film.
  • The film was shot on location in Dublin, Ireland.
  • the 2000 movie when the sky falls is loosely based on Veronica Guerin and stars Joan Allen.

The Streamy Award:

{The following four categories are based on a scale of film reels.

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1 reel-Look on your Smartphone, 2 reels-Tablet time, 3 reels-Travel and entertainment, 4 reels-Big screen event}

veronica guerin It has its problems, but it’s a good movie. The film stars a stellar performance from Blanchett and Hinds turns the slimy John Traynor into a captivating character. Like any biopic, the film isn’t necessarily a 100% true story, but it does show some truth to the dangerous search the real Veronica Guerin was on.

The public can judge Guerin and his work, and I give veronica guerin a 2 reel rating. This isn’t your typical Jerry Bruckheimer-produced bang-bang fest. It is a personal story that has its flaws.

cast and crew

  • Cate Blanchett as Veronica Guerin
  • Brenda Fricker as Bernie Guerin
  • Ciaran Hinds as John Traynor
  • Gerard McSorley as John Gilligan

Directed by Joel Schumacher

Produced by Touchstone Pictures / Jerry Bruckheimer Films / Persevere Productions Ltd.

Release date: October 17, 2003

Budget: $17 million

gross box office

Domestic: $1,571,504

World total: $9,439,660

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