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Introduction: Trigger is an action-comedy film directed by Sam Anton. The film stars Atharvaa in the lead roles. This is the second movie for the actor-director duo after their smash hit cop 100.

Premise: Atharvaa is suspended from the police department for going after humanity, unfortunately disobeying his superior’s orders. But it’s just a fake suspension and he’s named an undercover Internal Affairs officer. And, the mission begins.

Deed/ Address: Sam Anton has a knack for convincingly presenting clich├ęs, he’s followed it up here with success. The writing is convenient in many places, however the depth in explaining the multi-layered crime angles hides the flaws. There are dips in the flow and it feels like the scenes are all over the place to some degree, but they slowly evolve into something interconnected and it’s well done despite the cinematic freedom. The script is generally decent, the details on paper clearly showing up on screen in a rather daring way. It’s good to see Atharvaa and Sam Anton joining hands to bring some sort of variety to the police thriller genre, their previous movie 100 was about a police officer operating from the control room and here it’s interestingly based on ‘Parallel/Deviation Crimes’. The unique idea brings a difference, offers something refreshingly interesting. Even the sentiment angle, although there are multiple tracks and few are repetitive, the broadcast style isn’t bad and doesn’t irritate for sure. The love portions are minimal, but very cheesy, yet getting a girl’s phone number is shown to be a big deal. This is not about logic, there are many gaps in the narrative.

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Performances: Atharvaa is well suited to her role as a cop, but her emotional expressions and dialogue delivery need improvement. Meaty role for Tanya Ravichandran, although the love track is boring, for a reason she is in charge of an orphanage. Fortunately, Arun Pandian doesn’t overreact and keeps his performance measured, he has a good share in the story. The villain’s character is one-dimensional, but strong enough, he wishes he hadn’t been presented with a fake beard. There are plenty of other supporting actors with a purpose, but some of his casting choices could have been better. Having Munishkanth and Youtuber Anbudasan act as undercover cops didn’t add any value to both the comic and serious quotient.


Average songs with no soul or substance, the background score is also a bit flat, doesn’t add much value. The cameraman has helped fulfill the director’s vision by filming all the necessary shots, but the quality of the angles is lacking with a DI tone that seems very artificial. Solid edits by Ruben, the parallel shot placements are skilful and add to the speed of the film, though the overall length could have been shorter, the cuts are crisp.

Verdict: Despite the long narrative and logical flaws, this is a definitely worth watching action thriller that has a lot of moments I like. The base approach is different and the general script manages to stick. Give it a try.

Trigger – Shoot at a decent distance!

Rating – 2.75/ 5.

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