We tested the B&W sound system for the BMW iX, and it’s impressive!

Testing an in-car sound system is a lot like testing a hi-fi system. It doesn’t take days of listening on the road (or parked in a McDonald’s parking lot) for a good setup to stand out. Sometimes it only takes a couple of hints to get you moving and let you know you’re in the presence of something better than average.

Of course, you still need to spend time getting to know exactly what your full capabilities are and listening for any cracks in your armor, but a system that packs this kind of punch tends to go in the right direction. And that’s the feeling you get when you turn on the Bowers & Wilkins Diamond Surround Sound System for the BMW iX. In fact, as time goes on (and as you’ll find out at the end of this review), this setup is pretty special.


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